Paramount Motion – Odeon Cinematic Sound Effects Pack (WAV)

By | September 13, 2021


Year of issue: 2021
Name: Odeon Cinematic Sound Effects Pack
Official site: Paramount Motiont
Distributor: Sound FX
Format: WAV

The Odeon Cinematic Sound Effects Pack is a unique sound effects and music background library for filmmakers. This pack is made with amazing original sounds that have been designed to help you create amazing cinematic work. In cinematography, sound is very important because it engages the audience: it helps convey information, adds value to products, elicits emotional reactions, emphasizes what’s on the screen, and is used to indicate mood. Used correctly, language, sound effects, music, and even silence can dramatically improve the quality of your video. Sound effects add emotion and connect people to what they see. It supports every visual and every cut, and also determines the overall mood and tone of your story.
Many will appreciate it.

5200+ Premium Sound FX
53 Categories Included
Video Instructions Includes
Format: WAV 16-24 bit | 44.1 – 48 kHz | 1411.2-2304 kbps | Stereo

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