OSMusic – AudioJungle Stock Music by OSMusic (WAV)

By | August 21, 2023


Publisher: OSMusic
Profile on AudioJungle Stock: Osproducts
Format: WAV
Quality: 16 bit 320 kbps 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : In this collection, the genres Orchestral, Trailer, Rock, Acoustic, Hard Rock, Percussion, Stomping, Ambient, Ethnic are exclusively original works. Only original content!

Content :
All tracks are divided into thematic albums:
Energy Folk Guitar
Uplifting Folk Guitar
Ambient Beat Music
Atmospheric Soft Music
Ambience Electronic
Chill inspiration
Real estate corporate
Action Sport Drums
Calm Drums Beat
Claps and Stomps
Drive Drum Beat
Drums Beat Action
Energy Percussion Drum Beat
Fast Paced Drum Beat
Jazz Drums
Minimal Snaps and Stomps
Rhythm Drums and Percussion
Snaps Claps Stomps
Stomps Claps Drums
Upbeat Drumming Percussion
Storming Claps
Drumming beats
Energy Sport Percussion
Drums Of War
Tribal Action Drums
Ethnic World Music
African Tribe
Ethnic Rhythmic Percussion
Jungle Drum Beat
Shaman Jungle Percussion
Tribal Amazon Rhythm
Jungle Percussion Beat
Action Metal Music
hard rock music
Funk and Jazz Music
Funk It
Relax Meditation Music
Documentary Background Music
Nature Piano Music
active rock
Cool Garage Rock
energy punk rock
Light Optimistic Rock
old school rock
Positive Uplifting Rock
Orchestral Cinematic Trailer

Additional Information :
The material is provided for informational purposes only.
If you like something (whether you want to use it for commercial purposes, or put your home video on YouTube, etc.), you must buy a licensed version of this material! at audiojungle.net/user/osmusic or audiojungle.net/user/osproducts/

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