Orange Tree Samples – Passion Flute (KONTAKT)

By | December 10, 2023


Manufacturer: orangetreesamples
Format: NKi
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 48 kHz Channels stereo

Description: This is a flute library, the energetic solo is capable of conveying a wide range of expressions for melodic ballads, the vibrato is completely modeled after a real flute, allowing you to control depth and speed in real time.
Whether it’s for a high-adrenalin rock jam or a soft, rich ballad, Passion Flute captures the heart of jazz/rock flute with extensive multi-samples and a powerful KONTAKT script. Passion Flute™ is optimized for easy keyboard performance, and includes support for wind/breath controllers.

Content :
– 4x round robin, 5 morphing dynamic layers
– Modeled vibrato, with real-time control over speed and depth
– Overblown notes, playable harmonics
– Effects and phrases including growls, fluttertonguing, screams, and much more
– Physically modeled flute fingerings (including 150+ alternate fingerings) for accurate key noises and realistic legato
– Wind/breath controller compatible
– 5 mic positions with extensive mixing engine included


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