By | February 1, 2020

Publisher : Native Instruments
Website : native-instruments
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : A vintage acoustic guitar with steel strings played by fingers and a plectrum by a studio professional. Play 194 real-time pick and stitch patterns, and use the melodic instrument. Use your sound with three different microphone settings and an advanced effects section.

PIK PATTERNS AND MELODIES FOR ANY PRODUCTION – Choose from two powerful KONTAKT instruments: a pattern-based instrument containing 194 authentic peak patterns and strumming, and another one prepared for playing or programming for your own tunes. Each instrument is based on a 1973 Martin 00-21 carefully sampled guitar played by a studio session veteran and recorded using vintage microphones and high-quality equipment.
3 SETTINGS, 3 SPECIAL SOUNDS – PICKED ACOUSTIC conveys Martin 00-21’s rich, clean tone – a slim-bodied Sitka guitar with a spruce top, perfect for melodic and finger-picked playing styles. Over the years, thanks to Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and many more, 00-21 has been featured in countless hit records. Our model, an example of the original 1973, was reproduced by an experienced session professional and sampled with 3 different stereo microphone settings for maximum versatility. Microphone Condenser (AB) uses two condenser microphones for natural stereo sound with modern sound. Dynamic (MS) uses a vintage dynamic microphone to play rock and folk sounds of the 70s, amplified by a tube-shaped condenser microphone in figure-of-eight mode to adjust the stereo width. And Ribbon (Blumlein) uses two ribbon microphones for a rich and warm vintage sound.
CREATE YOUR OWN TONE – In addition to choosing microphone settings, PICKED ACOUSTIC makes it easy to adjust the stereo width, add duplication, and add high-quality studio effects. And thanks to REPLIKA’s built-in delay, as well as a completely new reverb, chorus, vintage compressor, tape saturation and much more, you get all the flexibility you need to create a guitar sound from your head
194 PATTERN AND MELODIES – If you record a track, record a jingle, or just record a demo, PICKED ACOUSTIC helps you get started quickly. Choose from a huge variety of busting rhythms, arpeggios and strum patterns in a variety of styles and music genres. Download a separate instrument for melody in loops and melodies in one linked authentic performance. Then polish your performance with vibrato, strokes and jerks, as well as advanced playing techniques such as harmonics and tremolo, each of which can be played with your fingers or plectrum in several places on the fretboard. Add slides, noises, and even tune the precision of your guitar.


A vintage steel-string acoustic played with fingers and plectrum by a studio session pro
Perform 194 picking and strumming patterns in real-time, plus get a dedicated second instrument for melodic playing
Dial-in your sound with three different microphone setups and an extended effects section
194 patterns, 37 songs

2 thoughts on “Native Instruments – SESSION GUITARIST – PICKED ACOUSTIC (KONTAKT)

  1. Anamika

    How can I install this. Whenever i try to try to open this in kontakt, it says “This instrument belongs to a library that is currently not installed” please help!

    1. Admin Post author

      try use kontakt 5.6.5 or 6.1.1

      tested on : Windows 10, Kontakt 6.1.1, FL Studio 20, works fine so far


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