Native Instruments – Scarbee Sun Bass – Finger v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)

By | July 7, 2024


Publisher : Native Instruments
Website : Native Instruments or Scarbee
Format : KONTAKT (7.7+)
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Fender PJ Bass Guitar
SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER features 156 Snapshot presets showcasing the enormous versatility of this instrument and an incredible amount of articulation options for each note, including normal playing with four mute levels, fret noises, pickup balance, pops and other unique noises, you’ll find all the tools you need for creating realistic and expressive bass lines.
Instrument used for recording: 22-fret Fender PJ Bass , which has a versatile sound spectrum and an authentic vintage sound. The body is made from heat-treated alder and the neck is made from maple with a flat neck radius for excellent playability, making recording easier.

Equipped with two Delano pickups: a single-coil pickup in the Bridge position and a split-coil humbucker in the Middle position, this bass delivers a wide range of classic bass sounds with an unmistakable vintage feel. This instrument combines everything from the transparent punch of a single coil to the growling low- and mid-range punch of a split coil. Massive steel rod 9.5mm ceramic pickups deliver ultra-fast transient attack, powerful low-end response, detailed mids and sparkling highs, resulting in direct, unsophisticated bass complemented by soft, natural compression that enhances every groove.

With a narrow and wide frequency response, these pickups are an excellent choice for both modern and classic funk and rock players. They excel with low-tuned bass and offer ample tonal customization, ensuring that even the lowest low-tuned bass notes remain tight, focused and full of life.

SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER was specifically designed for studio programming and it provides the most authentic attacks including pre-tones, fingering, phase correction and precise articulation timing. Given our extensive recording of various articulations with full attacks, we recommend using a negative delay of 52 ms (resulting in the first peak occurring approximately 5-6 ms after impact, like a conventional percussion instrument).

With the recent release of version 1.1, we now offer an additional option for the instrument: a “Live” version, designed with reduced latency, making it suitable for live performance or recording. After recording MIDI, you can switch to the “full” version to achieve an optimal and complete sound.

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