Myloops – Electric Guitars Vol.1 (WAV, FLP, ALS)

By | March 8, 2018


This is a 2GB guitar set based on building kits and a multi-sample library. This is a valuable resource for those who want to find inspiration and add a trance guitar in their tracks. This library of samples was created as a collaboration with SoundLift, a very talented musician from Portugal known for his beautiful orchestal trance production and his releases on such labels Abora Recordings.


8x guitar construction kits
5x multisampled guitars as WAV Soundfonts (.sf2)
Bonus MIDI Files included
8x Arranged project files included (Ableton Live Logic Pro Cubase FL Studio)
Bonus guitar Licks & Chords library (42 files)
All files sorted in categories for easy access
No “fillers”, just 100% quality and usable sounds
Includes 24 Bit WAV samples, works in every sequencer on the market
MEG1 – Kit 01 Rocker – 138BPM D
MEG1 – Kit 02 Trancer – 136BPM A
MEG1 – Kit 03 Central – 138BPM F
MEG1 – Kit 04 Epic – 135BPM D #
MEG1 – Kit 05 Balearic – 132BPM E
MEG1 – Kit 06 Heavenly – 130BPM F
MEG1 – Kit 07 Dreamy – 134BPM D
MEG1 – Kit 08 Eighties – 134BPM D
MEG1 – Kit 09 Licks – 134 BPM
MEG1 – Kit 10 Chords – 134 BPM
MEG1 – Kit 01 Rocker – SoundFont
MEG1 – Kit 02 Trancer – SoundFont
MEG1 – Kit 03 Central – SoundFont
MEG1 – Kit 04 Epic – SoundFont
MEG1 – Kit 05 Balearic – SoundFont

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Additional Information:

Have you ever wanted to include guitar sounds in your trance productions, but never found suitable sounds or synths? This is a 2GB set of guitar based construction kits and multisample library. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to find inspiration and add a trance guitar in their tracks.
This sample library was created by a collaboration with SoundLift, a very talented artist from Portugal known for his beautiful orchestral trance productions and his releases on labels such Abora Recordings.

SoundLift has created 8 guitar based construction kits that each contain audio loops and bonus MIDI files. The construction kits cover various styles, such as uplifting trance, balearic trance, epic trance, and more classic styles like rock music. Additionally, we have included the selection of the bonus guitar licks and chords as audio samples. Finally, we have included pre-arranged project files for your favorite DAWs. The project files are available in FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase or Logic Pro. They simply contain the guitar loops and bonus audio loops arranged in the audio demo.

These 5 guitars are available as WAV files (as recorded in every note spanning 3 octaves each) and as SoundFont files (.SF2 format) which you can open in various plug-ins and for instance in FL Studio’s SoundFont player. The multisamples will allow you to use the guitar sounds with your own melodies in your tracks. Just drop the multisamples or SF2 file in your sampler and start playing them!

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