Mutekki Media – Loop Definition (WAV)

By | June 24, 2024


Producer: Mutekki Media
Website: Mutekki Media
Format: Wav
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

Description: Loop Definition from Mutekki Media offers the producer “loop heaven”. More than 1000 inspiring drum loops covering a variety of dance music styles. From Dance to House to Breakbeat, this download has everything to satisfy people in search of the perfect beat. Fet bit – half the rent. But this is often easier said than done. Basically you have the choice of whether to build your drum composition from scratch or rely on fitting loops.

Content :
1090 Wav Loops

A phat beat is half the rent. But that is often easier said than done. Basically you have the choice whether to build your drumming from completely on your own or to save a lot of work and simply rely on a loop that fits. But where to get? Loop Definition by Mutekki Media offers the solution! This Sampling CD, built by the producer of the successful House Definition, offers a truly loop paradise. A CD filled up to the grim with fresh loops, which more exactly means more than 1000 loops from diverse genres. From Dance over House to Breakbeat, percussion and Hihat loops, this CD contains everything needed to satisfy people in search for the perfect beat. Moreover Loop Definition offers an interesting option for Ableton and Fruity Loops users as well as the new DJ generation, which enriches their DJ sets with additional loop work or likes to produce their own edits of existing tracks. All loops are boosted with high-grade studio technology and clearly structured into folders with b.p.m. info. Thus they´re ready for instant application and are guaranteed to give your tracks the phattest of beats!

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