MOTU – Bob Moog Foundation Encore (SOUNDBANK)

By | November 23, 2023


Publisher: MOTU
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: The Bob Moog Foundation’s Encore Soundbank is an exciting new collection of instrument and drum sounds created to commemorate Bob Moog’s 81st birthday.
Inspired by an iconic design – a customizable synth-style panel allows you to quickly and easily edit each preset using familiar subtractive synthesis controls like the ones Bob Moog made the industry standard.

Contributing Artists and Sound Engineers – Encore Soundbank contains over 2,000 pristine recorded 24-bit original samples (over 2GB) from a roster of synth industry influencers. Each artist carefully created material inspired by the memory of Bob Moog and his contributions to modern music as we know it. This A-list group includes rock legends, synth icons, accomplished synth designers, epic DJs/remixers, music industry luminaries, top producers, pop artists and legendary audio engineers. And now their shared inspiration can be at your fingertips.

Advanced Virtual Instrument Technology – Advanced features include MIDI control of nearly all parameters, 256-note polyphony per instrument, ultra-low latency, efficient disk streaming for fast preset loading, all powered by the world-renowned UVI Engine XT™, known for its superior sound quality, compatibility with universal plugins and offline operation.

Universally Compatible – The library comes as a UVI Sound Bank that can be loaded into the cross-platform, universally compatible virtual instrument player UVI Workstation, available for free download from The library can also be loaded into the MOTU MachFive 3 sampler for side-by-side integration with other MachFive-compatible sound banks. Most of the Encore

Soundbank’s 200+ presets contain scripts that include a vintage Moog-style filter and envelope controls. Encore Soundbank is also fully compatible with MachFive 3, allowing sounds to be loaded simultaneously with all other MachFive 3 libraries.

Studio-quality FX – Encore Soundbank takes full advantage of the enormous effects processing power of MachFive 3 and the UVI XT engine. The presets make extensive use of master-quality EQ, keyboard modulation FX, vintage tags and modern delays, filters, compressors and limiters, stereo imaging, overdrive, distortion and, of course, stellar reverb effects, including the acclaimed UVI SparkVerb.

Over 200 Presets – Over 200 presets are grouped into ten categories, from bass to leads and effects, so you can quickly zero in on the sound you’re looking for.

-Customizable 2.4 GB sound library for MachFive3 with over 2000 24-bit samples.
-236 presets in 10 intuitive categories, custom tuned for MachFive 3 and UVI Workstation for maximum playability and musicality in the spirit of Bob Moog’s vision of the connection between instrument and player.
– Album-ready sounds created by 29 leading artists and sound engineers exclusively for this library.
-Original multisamples, carefully processed and tuned on the original instruments.
-Dedicated graphical editing panel with familiar classic controls including filter cutoff, ADSR and AHDSR resonant envelopes.
-Powerful Multi FX including EQ, modulation, imaging, dynamics, delay and reverb.
-Superior audio quality with 32-bit UVI Engine XT™.
-Triming from disk for quick loading of presets.
-Extensive customizable polyphony and ultra-low software latency.
-Universal compatibility with all major plugin formats on Mac and Windows.
-Work offline in UVI Workstation on Mac or Windows.

Requirements: UVI – Falcon v2.8.6. OR UVI Workstation v3.1.12.

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