MeldaProduction – MCompleteBundle v16.11 – Team V.R (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | March 8, 2024


Year/Date of Issue: 02/14/24
Developer: MeldaProduction.
Developer website: MeldaProduction
Format: VST, VST3, AAX.
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Present [V.R]
System requirements: WIN 10+

Description :
turn your computer into a professional production, mixing and mastering studio!
MCompleteBundle is the ultimate collection of effects and instruments, which currently contains 112 of them,
including MDrummer, MSoundFactory, MPowerSynth, dynamics processors, equalizers, modulation effects,
including chorus and phasers, reverbs, stereo instruments and analyzers.

Included Plugins :

MAGC: Adjust volume according to sidechain – simple and effective.
MAmp: Vintage analog style amp for saturation and creative distortion.
MAnalyzer: Advanced normalizing spectral analyzer and sonogram.
MAutoAlign: The ultimate solution for phase suppression.
MAutoDynamicEq: The most powerful and flexible dynamic equalizer.
MAutoEqualizer: Linear phase equalizer with automatic equalization function.
MAutopan: Automatic panner with adjustable shape oscillator technology.
MAutopanMB: The most powerful multi-lane automatic panner.
MAutoPitch: Automatic vocal tuning for free.
MAutoStereoFix: Finalization of stereo tracks and microphone recordings.
MAutoVolume: Vocal equalization.
MBandPass: Powerful filter with a slope of up to 120 dB/oct.
MBassador: Unique bass booster and sub-bass generator.
MBitFun: A serious tool for fans of extreme distortion.
MBitFunMB: Distortion to the extreme.
MCabinet: Revolutionary office simulator.
MCCGenerator: Creates up to 8 MIDI CC values from its own parameters.
MChannelMatrix: Mixing and redirecting channels from both inputs.
MCharacter: Directly control the harmonics of any monophonic material.
MCharmVerb: Lush algorithmic reverb based on the MTurboReverb engine.
MChorusMB: The most versatile chorus effect out there.
MComb: An extremely powerful multi-comb filter plugin.
MCombMB: Multicomb filter for seekers of original sounds.
MCompare: An excellent A/B tool for mixing and mastering.
MCompressor: Powerful compressor with custom processing.
MConvolutionEZ: Easy to use, highly optimized convolution reverb.
MConvolutionMB: Multi-band cabinets.
MDelayMB: Unique six-band delay with modulators.
MDistortionMB: Morph from an amplifier simulator and digital distortion processor.
MDoubleTracker: Big guitars.
MDrumEnhancer: Give drum tracks extra life.
MDrumLeveler: Balance the drummer’s playing.
MDrummer: An excellent drum machine and virtual drummer.
MDrumReplacer: Replace your trash drums with high quality kits.
MDrumStrip: Get world-class drum sounds in minutes.
MDynamicEq: 2nd most powerful (dynamic) equalizer.
MDynamics: The key to any dynamic process.
MDynamicsMB: All dynamic processes in six ranges.
MEqualizer: 6 band equalizer with analyzer.
MEqualizerLP: Linear phase equalizer that sounds as good as you’ve always dreamed of!
MFilter: A filter that can do more than you think is possible.
MFlanger: Premium flanger with variable oscillator.
MFlangerMB: The most versatile flanger effect out there.
MFreeformAnalogEq: Draw the equalizer curve the way you want.
MFreeformEqualizer: Draw the equalizer curve the way you want.
MFreeformPhase: Adjust the phase of individual frequencies to suit your needs.
MFreqShifter: From slight stereo expansion to complete destruction.
MFreqShifterMB: From slight stereo expansion to complete destruction.
MGranularMB: Boost your creativity with the extreme granular resynthesizer.
MGuitarArchitect: The ultimate solution for every guitar sound and style.
MHarmonizerMB: Incredible pitch shifter and multi-voice harmonizer.
MLimiterMB: Turn up the drive and make your music sound better!
MLimiterX: Powerful limiter with transparent sound.
MLoudnessAnalyzer: Loudness meter containing everything you might need.
MMetronome: Free tracking of rhythm and tempo.
MModernCompressor: An amazing sounding and extremely versatile compressor.
MMorph: Get creative with the unique morphing tool.
MMultiAnalyzer: Analyze everything.
MNoiseGenerator: Create any noise!
MNotepad: Save comments.
MOscillator: No-aliasing generator with customizable oscillator shape.
MOscilloscope: Powerful oscilloscope with pitch detector.
MPhaser: Phaser effect with adjustable oscillator shape.
MPhaserMB: The most versatile and musical sounding phaser.
MPhatik: Improve the sound without changing the level envelope.
MPolySaturator: Harmonic amplifier using spectral domain.
MPowerSynth: Modulation ride.
MRatio: Crossfade between main input and sidechain.
MRatioMB: Crossfade between main input and sidechain in multibandmode.
MRecorder: Record plugin input signal to WAV file.
MReverb: Extremely realistic halls and incredible effects.
MReverbMB: Extremely realistic halls and incredible effects in multi-band mode.
MRhythmizer: From gating to glitching.
MRhythmizerMB: Gating, glitching, repeats, scratching in 6 ranges.
MRingModulator: Classic ring modulation effect of two oscillators.
MRingModulatorMB: Extremely advanced 6-band ring modulation effect.
MRotary: Create your own rotary cabinet.
MSaturator: Smooth tube-like saturation.
MSaturatorMB: The best saturation from the analog and digital worlds.
MSoundFactory: An excellent modular virtual instrument.
MSpectralDelay: Processes individual frequencies to create a delay effect like no other.
MSpectralDynamics: A revolution in audio processing. Smoothes out the spectrum.
MSpectralPan: Applies panorama individually to each frequency.
MStereoExpander: Basic stereo field correction M/S…
MStereoGenerator: Natural extension of mono to stereo.
MStereoProcessor: Four-band stereo enhancement.
MStereoScope: Advanced stereo field analyzer.
MStereoSpread: Make your tracks sound extra wide and tight.
MSuperLooper: The art of live looping has moved to a new level!
MTransformer: A unique creative vocal processor.
MTransient: Give a rhythmic track some dynamics!
MTransientMB: A shaper that adds vital attack and punch!
MTremolo: The ultimate adjustable tremolo.
MTremoloMB: The most flexible tremolo in the world!
MTuner: Tune your instrument for free.
MTurboAmp: A powerful collection of guitar amps and distortion pedals.
MTurboComp: 19 vintage style compressors in one plugin and much more…
MTurboDelay: 40 delay plugins in one beast…
MTurboEQ: 11 vintage style EQs in one plugin.
MTurboReverb: 100 reverbs in one or more…
MUltraMaximizer: The secret weapon in the war for loudness!
MUnison: Create harmonies of up to 50 voices.
MUtility: Volume…
MVibrato: Customizable vibrato shape.
MVibratoMB: An extremely versatile vibrato effect with unique capabilities.
MVintageRotary: A rotator simulator based on famous vintage cabinets!
MVocoder: Vocoder with the highest sound quality and extensive capabilities.
MWaveFolder: From slight harmonic enhancement to complete sound destruction.
MWaveFolderMB: Analog digital distortion.
MWaveShaper: Create your own shape.
MWaveShaperMB: Create your own shape (in multi-band mode).
MWobbler: Bass wobbler.
MXXX: Build the effects chain the way you want.

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  1. noname

    doesnt work, did everything correct but its not accepting the fake license and is stuck on demo mode. Ive reinstalled plenty of times and tried the OSX version which has the exact same issue. PLEASE FIX

    1. Admin Post author

      Block the software update using firewall


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