Kiive Audio – NFuse v1.2.1 – MOCHA (VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

By | June 24, 2024


Year/Date of Release : 05/24/24
Developer : Kiive Audio.
Developer’s website : Kiive Audio
Format : VST3, AAX, AU.
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Present [Serial keys according to MOCHA]
System requirements : WIN 7+ macOS 10.13+

Description :
~ SSL Fusion and Rupert Neve Design MBT ~
NFuse combines two of the most popular bus processors on the market and provides complete flexibility
thanks to replaceable modules (modes F or N) and a tunable signal circuit!

What is NFuse?
NFuse combines the best of both worlds, showcasing the classic analog character and modern precision of two of the most renowned bus processors on the market.
Because each module is interchangeable, you have complete control over the saturation, EQ, compression and stereo width of your mix.
With a wide range of tonal options between modules, you don’t just get two flavors of the same thing, but two powerful devices in one.

Characteristics :

F: Input controls, as well as a variable HPF, which includes a small resonant hump from which processing begins.
N: Input controls, as well as a flat HPF variable that determines where processing starts in the plugin.

F: Brings crisp, harmonic saturation reminiscent of the most popular pop and rock consoles, with Drive and Density controls affecting how the saturation responds to the signal.
N: Round and thick saturation with “Dark” controls to add extra weight to the low end and “Red” controls to enhance the harmonics of the top end!

F: Mastering-grade two-band EQ designed to add significant weight to the low frequencies and add presence and air to any mix with minimal phase shift.
N: Equipped with a 2-band shelving EQ, providing the smooth tonal tuning needed for both fine tuning and more extensive correction.

F: Equipped with the world’s most popular tire compressor, which is famous for its punching power and “glue” in any source.
N: Includes an optical compressor that adds dynamic control and color tint, with adjustable release speed for versatility! Turn on Hi-Ratio mode for extreme compression!

F: Super colorful spatial tool for adding and removing width and space from any tracks in your mix.
N: Extremely powerful and true-sounding stereo amplifier. Whether you need a wider drum room or want to improve the entire mix-bass, this control has you covered! Keep your low frequencies intact with HPF!

F and N: Output regulators, global bypass and metering.

Installation Note :
Install and register with one of the serials from the file ” _mocha_Serials.txt ” without spaces!

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