Insanity Samples – Offensive Guitar (KONTAKT)

By | December 31, 2018


Publisher : Insanity Samples
Website : kontakthub
Format : KONTAKT 5.7.3+
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : OFFENSIVE GUITAR is a Kontakt guitar library designed primarily for use in sharper and more aggressive playing styles. The style of the game is still not fully understood in the world of samples. Despite this, during production, the instrument has become a full-featured guitar library that can be both wild and smooth. To please everyone!
The tool consists of two separate patches. Patch MASTER, in which you will find the main part of the library, and patch FX, in which there are races, atmospheres, hits and plaques. The GUI of the tool has 8 main sections:
EQ – This section has a BASS, MID, TREB, PRES and VOLUME knob. It works the same way as the knobs on a standard hardware guitar amplifier.
EFFECTS – This section is mainly your pedalboard. Thanks to the many great sound effects and unique sound modulation, the possibilities are pretty endless here.
POLY / MONO – allows you to change one or more notes that can be played at a time (POLY) or only one note at a time (MONO). A useful addition when you play faster guitar solo styles, alternative guitar chords with POLY. It is also possible to mix guitar voices up to 8, giving a very big and powerful sound. So, you can bring the sound to chaotic extremes by introducing some “detonation” that will upset all voices relative to each other … It is best to use special effects or the FX library of patches.
KEYSWITCHES – With this section you can navigate between different instrument articulations. All switches are clickable either in the GUI or on the keyboard, from C0-D # 0.
LOW PASS FILTER – this section is associated only with TREM & EBOW in the MASTER patch, everything else sounds in the FX patch. Consists of a CUTOFF slider and a RESONANCE slider to control the overall sound.
ADSR ENVELOPE – This section is also associated only with the sections mentioned above. Work with ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN & RELEASE of these articulations / effects.
LFO 1 & 2 – 2 LFOs that modulate a pass-through lowpass filter for all the previously mentioned instrument sections. You will find many modulation possibilities!



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