Groove3 – T-RackS Tape Machine Collection Explained (TUTORIAL)

By | July 21, 2021


Year of issue: 2020
Manufacturer: Groove3
Manufacturer’s website: Link
Author: Eli Krantzberg
Duration: 0h 55min
Distribution Type: Video Tutorial
English language

Description: Eli Kranzberg presents detailed video tutorials on the T-RackS tape set! Learn all about tape compression and saturation, how to apply it to different tracks and mixes, and how to use all of the different T-RackS Tape Machine Collection tape emulations and their features and functions. These video tutorials are for new users of the T-RackS Tape Machine Collection.
Eli greets you and starts with an in-depth video of exactly what tape plugins do and discusses the mysticism of tape emulation, including the properties of tape and tape recorder that are simulated. After watching, you will know exactly what they add to or remove from the signal, and how input control and tape saturation affect the generated harmonics differently.
Eli then uses an audio analyzer to show you how certain tape formulations and offset controls affect the input signal so you can see and hear what’s going on. Then you’ll get a bunch of videos showing the use of different machines and tape compositions on different sources like Mix Bus, Drum Bus, Electric Bass, Electric Piano, Vocals, Synths and more!
Watch and hear why tape compression is considered by many to be the holy grail of audio processing … Watch T-RackS Tape Machine Collection Explained® today!

Content :
01. So, What Exactly Do Tape Plug-Ins Do Anyway
02. Overview of the Tape Machine Collection
03. Understanding the Parameters
04. Saturating the Mix Bus
05. Saturating the Drum Bus
06. Saturating Electric Bass
07. Saturating Electric Piano
08. Working with Vocals
09. Cooking the Synths

Sample files: not provided
Video format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1920×1080, 16: 9, 30 fps, 500 kb / s
Audio: AAC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb / s, 2 channels


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