Groove3 – Arturia Jun-6 V Explained (TUTORIAL)

By | February 12, 2022


Release year: 2021
Manufacturer website: Groove3
Author: Tyler Coffin
Duration: 1 hour 26 minutes 29 sec.
Handout type: Video tutorial
English language
Sample files: none
Video Format: MP4
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920×1080 30fps 198kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 120kbps

Description : Synth pro Tyler Coffin provides a detailed tutorial for the Arturia Juno-6 V! Watch and listen as Arturia recreates one of the most legendary synths of the 80s, the Roland Juno-6. Learn about all the features and functions of the Juno-6 V and how to create classic sounds with this amazing virtual synthesizer. These videos are intended for beginner users of Arturia Jun-6 V. Description: Synth pro Tyler Coffin delivers in-depth Arturia Juno-6 V tutorials! See and hear how Arturia has recreated one of the most legendary ’80s synths, the Roland Juno-6 synthesizer. Learn all of the Juno-6 V’s features and functions as well as how to make classic sounds with this amazing virtual recreation. These videos are designed for new Arturia Jun-6 V users.

Content :
1. Introduction & Overview (3:06)
2. The User Interface & Basic Operation (06:53)
3. The Digitally Controlled Oscillator (DCO) (4:40)
4. The Filters & Amplifier (4:30)
5. The Envelopes & LFOs (05:07)
6. The Arpeggiator & Chord Mode (4:01)
7. The Effects (05:51)
8. Voicing & Modulation (7:00)
9. Preset Management & the Browser (07:01)
10. Jun-6 V Sound Design: Bass (06:59)
11. Jun-6 V Sound Design: Lead (9:06)
12. Jun-6 V Sound Design: Pad1 (3:23)
13. Chorus Jun-6 Plug-In Effect (3:37)
14. Review & Conclusion (05:15)

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