GOGOi – Indie Pop (SPiRE)

By | April 1, 2020


Publisher : GOGOi
Website : adsrsounds
Format : SPiRE v1.1.14 (presets); v1.1.15 (bank)

Description : Indie Pop offers 60 patches and all of them are expertly programmed for synthesizer pop music combined with modern ambient sounds: nostalgic lush synthetic pads, rich bass juicy leads and a bunch of soulful keyboards and plaks.
Sounds are for the genres Synth-pop, Chillwave, Chillout, Future POP, Retrowave, Indie Pop and Pop. And of course, you can use them in any other genres to add more synthill texture to your music.

Content :

Bass 14
Lead 10
Pads 20
Keys 10
Plucks 06

Installation :

Method 1 :
Copy the bank file to C: Users NAME AppData Roaming RevealSound Banks and then select the bank of interest in the tool menu -> select bank
Method 2 :
In the tool itself: menu -> import bank (indicate in the window where the bank file is located) and then menu -> select bank select the bank of interest

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