Ghosthack – Neon Trap & Hip-Hop Kits (MIDI, WAV)

By | December 4, 2022


Publisher: Ghosthack
Format: MIDI, WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Everything vibrates.
Bass waves travel through the speakers like molten granite in an icy iron pipe, vibrating your eardrums and the rear window of the car you’re behind. It’s August and the sunny weather calls for some serious trap action for all those poor bastards who miss clubbing with friends – we’ve got our Neon Trap and Hip Hop kits for you.
This collection of 25 building sets is the perfect toolbox for assembling fresh tracks and hip-hop extraordinary beats, right now but in style. All kits are organized in themed folders with a short descriptor to best define the mood in the corresponding folder. From »Party« and »Lil Sky«, to »Smoke«, »Night Flex« or »Dior«, to »Danger« and »Hood«, you will find more than two dozen custom building kits to suit any mood or constellation. peers – powerful bass, elegant mids and steely highs.
With accurate key values ​​and beats per minute in each folder, navigating through these Neon Trap & Hip Hop kits is as easy as using them to suit your skills and, of course, your imagination. This is by far one of the most affordable packages we’ve put together so far. As usual: 24-bit .wav format and error-free MIDI files are the quality standard here, unlike many other sites these days.
With this bold arsenal of properly calibrated loops, MIDI files, and single shots, you’ll be able to activate your personal trap map pretty quickly, capturing your listeners minute by minute, to the beat.
Stay focused and healthy.

Content :
25 Construction Kits with 592 .wav and .mid

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