Future Audio Workstation – SubLab XL v1.0.0 (VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x64]

By | August 5, 2022


Release Year/Date : 08/04/2022
Developer : Future Audio Workshop
Developer Site : Future Audio Workshop
Format : VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU
Bit depth : 32/64bit
Tablet : cured [WIN>Articstorm] [MAC>TRAZOR]
System requirements : WIN 10+

Description :
SUBLAB just got so much bigger than XL
We’ve expanded in all directions, adding more features, more effects, modulation, macros and brand new sounds.

Mix and match effects :
Create your own subs with arrangeable effects.
Mix and match up to four effects, then modify them to create your own sound.
√ 6x distortion effect.
√ Waveshaper with sinusoidal bend and linear bend options.
√ Ribbon with hiss and wobble controls.
√ Bitcrusher with decimation and bit mode controls.
√ Compressor with automatic side chain and mixture quantity adjustment.
Oversized synth engine
Create super basses and moody sub basses in seconds with our new super oscillator.
New sonic possibilities, just a few clicks away with the Super Oscillator.
Create thick, noisy supersounds or thin, moody basses in seconds.
√ Layer sawtooth, triangular or square waves to create super sawtooth.
√ Dry/wet mix.
√ Customize and adjust the thickness.
√ Width controls for stereo distribution.
LFO Modulation
Add movement and complexity with modulation.
Modulate up to two parameters at the same time to create rhythmic, sweeping, lively subs.
√ 18 routing options.
√ Sinusoidal, triangular, sawtooth, square and noise waveforms.
√ Speed ​​control and timing beats per minute.
Sounds for days
Filled with fresh sub-sounds. Easily customize to create your own with macros.
Macros to convert sounds without interrupting your stream.
√ 2 macro controls.
√ Musically interesting parameters are assigned to each preset.
√ Fully customizable, drag and drop to assign new settings.
√ Map up to 10 parameters to each macro.
√ Musically responsive blob with customizable colors and textures.

Package content

Comes with 9 factory bass packages covering a wide palette of sounds.
√ Reese Bass – A set of massive, vibrating, pulsating and dynamic Reese basses.
√ Crushed – the crunchiest, noisiest, most distorted subs we can create.
√ This Hits Hard – A collection of fresh subs and 808 sounds recreated from the latest hit tracks.
√ Sean Divine Signature – curated signature sub-sounds covering a wide palette.
√ Super saw – many layered and dialed in super saws.
√ Richie Souf – ultra-modern 808s for modern hip-hop production.
√ Analog Machines – Warm analog sounds recreated in SubLabXL just like they came straight from classic analog machines.
√ Clean subs – Bread and butter, clean subs for all genres.
√ Future 808s – 808s of tomorrow.
SubLab XL comes with hundreds of exclusive samples including kick drums, kick transients and 808 samples carefully recorded from analog drum machines and modules.
√ Minimoog.
√ Roland TR-909.
√ Roland TR-808.
√ Roland TR-707.
√ Waldorf Blofeld.
√ Jomox MBase 11.
√ MFB 522.
√ Nord Lead.
√ Noise engineering by Basimilus Iteritas.
√ Befaco Kickall.
√ Intellijel Dixie.
√ Hex converter BD9.
√ Changeable Tools Harnesses.
√ Dave Smith Tempest.
√ Korg Volca Beats.
√ Korg Wolf Strike.
√ Vermona Mono Lancet ’15.
√ And much more…


√ Factory samples.
√ 6 bass packages.
√ More than 60 presets.
√ X-Sub™ engine.
√ Synthesizer engine.
√ Sampler motor.
√ 4x distortion effect.
√ Compressor.
√ Analog simulated filter.
Factory samples; original Sublab samples + new samples.
√ 9 brand new bass packs.
√ Over 100 new presets.
√ X-Sub™ engine.
√ Synthesizer engine.
√ Sampler motor.
√ Super oscillator.
√ 6x distortion effect.
√ FX compressor.
√ Waveshaper FX.
√ Bitcrusher FX.
√ Tape FX.
√ LFO modulation.
√ Analog simulated filter.
√ Macro page.

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