Frank The Smith – FTS Edge Bass DI (KONTAKT)

By | August 20, 2022


Publisher: Frank The Smith
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz mono

Description: A good library of 5-string low-pitched pick basses. DI version (no processing)

-8 Down Picks
-8 Up Picks
-16 Alternate Picks (Up and Down)
-8 Hammer-on/Tap notes
-Sliding Up Fast To Every Fret
-Sliding Up Slow To Every Fret
-Sliding Down Fast From Every Fret
-Sliding Down Slow From Every Fret
-Samples are linked with the pitch bend wheel for note bends
-Single String and Multi String Dead Notes Strummed Down, Up or Alternating
-Single String and Multi String Noise
-Contact Humanizing script
-Kontakt Intelligent Alternate Picking Script
-Note Range From C0 to G4

Additional Information
C-2 – Down picks only
C#-2 – Up picks only
D-2 – Alternate Picking
D#-2 – Tap/Hammer on
E-2 – Slide down fast
F-2 – Slide down slow
F#-2 – Slide up fast
G-2 Slide up slow
Key color cyan
C-1 – String noise all strings
C#-1 – String noise B string
D-1 – String noise E string
D#-1 – String noise A string
E-1 – String noise D string
F-1 – String noise G string
Key color green
F#-1 – Dead notes all strings. Strumbed up or down depending on keyswitch
G-1-Deat note B sting
G#-1 – Death note E string
A-1 – Death note A string
A#-1 – Death note D string
B-1 – Death note G string
Pitch shifted notes
A#3 – G4
Non-Pitch shifted notes
gear used
Ibanez SR305, stock pickups blended 50/50, treble and bass knobs max, scoop knob all the way down.
Ernie Ball Nickel strings gauges 0.135, 0.105, 0.085, 0.065, 0.045
Tascam US-1800>DAW
24-bit 44.100

Installation :
The library is opened through the KONTAKT browser (Files menu)

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