FileMenu Tools 7.2 Full – RePack & Portable [WiN x86 x64]

By | May 22, 2024


Year of release: 2017
Version: 7.2
Office address Website: LopeSoft
Author of the assembly: by Trovel
Interface language: Russian, English, Ukrainian
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)
System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x86 / x64)

FileMenu Tools customizes Windows Explorer context menu items, allowing you to independently create a list of the commands you need.
With one click, you can rename, copy, move, delete files, launch desired programs, copy selections to the clipboard, launch a virus scanner, open Internet links, and much more.
The program allows you to set the order of menu items, divide them into groups, create a submenu with the necessary items, use commands from a predefined set, or add your own commands with

additional parameters :
Another distinctive feature of this program is the ability to manage menu items that were created when installing other programs, as well as quickly editing the β€œsend” menu.

Predefined set of commands and utilities:
Command line from here
Copy name
Copy path
Register dll
Unregister dll
Attributes (selection menu)
Copy to folder…
Move to folder…
Extract from folder
Destruction of files…
Delete, bypassing the Recycle Bin
Delete empty folders…
Delete locked Files
Split a file into parts (utility)
Collect parts of a file
Move to a new folder
Copy path as an Internet address
Copy contents of files (text only)
Paste from clipboard into a file (text only)
Find and replace… (text only) (utility )
Advanced deletion… (utility)
Create a new folder
Send by email/mail
Create a symbolic link…
Run with parameters… (utility)
Synchronize… (utility)
Create a duplicate
Copy UNC path
Change date.. .(file changes) (utility)
Change folder icon… (utility)
Advanced renaming… (utility)
Size of folder contents… (utility)
Calculate and check Checksum…
Select items… (XP)
Configure FileMenu Tools…

Assembly Features:
.Type: installation | unboxing Portable.
Interface language: Ru | En | Ua.
Help language: Russian (v6.5).
Treatment: carried out [RadiXX11].
Cut out: Spanish localization and help, English help.
Additionally: picking up settings from settings.reg (installation), picking up settings.ini (unpacking).
Command line switches:
Silent installation (Russian language by default):
/VERYSILENT /Lang=ru /Components=Install
Silent installation (English language by default):
/VERYSILENT /Lang=en /Components=Install
Unpacking Portable (Russian language by default) (to the folder with the installer):
/VERYSILENT /Lang=ru /Components=Portable /DIR=FileMenuToolsPortable
Unpacking Portable (English by default) (to the folder with the installer):
/VERYSILENT /Lang=en /Components=Portable /DIR=FileMenuToolsPortable
Do not update the program!

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