Dawesome – Love v1.08 – TCD (VST3) [WiN x64]

By | April 8, 2024


Year/Date of Issue: 03.2024
Version: 1.08
Developer: Dawesome
Developer website: Dawesome
Format: VST3
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: cured (TCD)
System requirements: Windows 10, 11

Enchant your listeners with unparalleled sound that transcends the boundaries of space and time.
Introducing LOVE, an audio plugin carefully crafted to take your ambient music to heavenly new heights.
Featuring a powerful combination of SHIMMER effect, advanced granular engine and epic space reverb, LOVE will take your music to an ethereal, unexplored sonic level.

Add. information:
Harness the power of the SHIMMER effect and give your compositions an otherworldly sheen. Enhance your soundscapes with subtle cascading harmonic layers that shimmer and sparkle, adding a heavenly sparkle to your ambient arrangements. Hear your music rise to new heights, immersing listeners in a shimmering sea of transcendence.
Experience the world of audio manipulation like never before with LOVE’s unique granular engine. The ability to break down sound into microscopic fragments and rearrange them allows you to create complex textures and atmospheric layers. Unleash your creativity by exploring the endless possibilities of time stretching, pitch bending, and detailed synthesis. Transform ordinary sounds into immersive soundscapes that will ignite your audience’s imagination.
With an intuitive user interface and lightning-fast workflow, LOVE is the ideal companion for seasoned professionals and beginners alike. Explore its simplified controls, intelligent randomization feature, and experience a new level of creativity that will inspire your musical journey. Take control of the randomization process by locking certain parts of the plugin, ensuring that your chosen settings remain unchanged. This unique feature allows you to achieve the perfect balance between order and chaos.

Combines GRANULAR effects with a classical SHIMMER.
CLOUDS – epic reverb.
Delay, Filter, Chorus, Phaser.
Ultra-fast, simple workflow.
Smart Randomisation function.
Any parameter can be automated in your DAW.

TCD Note

“The Instant Ambient FX Plugin”
x64: VST3
Just install! Same AppID as previous version.

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