D16 Group – Plugin Bundle – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VST, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 6, 2018


Year / Date of Issue : 06.2018
Developer : D16 Group
Developer’s site : D16 Group
Format : VST, AAX
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Windows 7 +

Description : Antresol is a flanger with the sound of the guitar pedal Electric Mistress. The plugin offers a wide range of parameters with independent adjustment for the right and left channels. Bringing back to life a classic stop-box, we have created an effect that will appeal not only to guitarists, but to instrumentalists and producers of almost any genre: be it rock guitar riffs or melodic synth lines, you will find that increased attention to sound details in combination with the flexibility provided by modern technology in Antresol, makes it an excellent example of what a flanger should be used in the modern era.
The original, conceived in the mid-1970s, quickly became the standard for Flanger type effects, offering a unique rich character, defined by luxuriously harmonious interacting resonances, and has since been heard in countless classical recordings. That’s why D16 could not resist the possibility to revive the soul of this classic in the modern incarnation in the Antresol plugin, the newest effect in the SilverLine collection!

Emulation of an analog device based on BBD (bucket brigade delay – delay line on a device with a charge connection).
Independent control of the parameters of each stereo channel.
Stereo processing modes: L / R or M / S.
Mistress mode for simulating the work of a classic flanger.
3 ways to modulate BBD with LFO.
Pleasant musical sound.
Browser presets.
MIDI training.
Internal calculations with a bit capacity of 64 bits.


Registration of plug-ins requiring activation
0. SymLink DeInstaller.cmd
1. SymLink Installer.cmd
2. D16_RSA_KeyGen.exe from the R2R folder
3. Create licenses for the desired products and save to the selected folder and remember it …
4. Launch the plugin, click Activate
5. Click Load file, specify the path to the folder with the licenses, select the required one, click “Open”
6. Restart the plug-in
7. … and so repeat for each

D16 Group – PunchBOX 1.0.5
D16 Group – Toraverb.2.v2.0.1
D16 Group – Tekturon 1.0.5
D16 Group – Antresol 1.1.3
D16 Group – Decimort 2 2.1.4
D16 Group – Devastor 2 2.1.4
D16 Group – Repeater 1.1.5
D16 Group – Software.LuSH-101
D16 Group – Software.Sigmund
D16 Group – Drumazon.v1.6.2
D16 Group – Frontier.v1.0.0
D16 Group – LuSH-101.v1.1.3
D16 Group – Nepheton.v1.6.2
D16 Group – Nithonat.v1.6.2
D16 Group – Phoscyon.v1.9.5
D16 Group – Sigmund.v1.1.2



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