Cockos – REAPER v5.99 [WiN x86 x64]

By | February 2, 2020


Year / Release Date : 11/30/2019
Version : 5.99
Developer : Cockos
Developer’s site : Cockos
Bit : 32bit, 64bit
Interface language : English
Tabletka : present
System Requirements : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Description : Cockos Reaper is one of the most advanced programs for creating music, both in the studio and at home. The main “feature” of the program is that it has pattern, keyboard and audio editing. You can specify an unlimited number of audio or midi tracks, not counting how many virtual instruments of the VST format can be added.
Reaper does not take up so much space on the hard drive and does not load the processor, like programs from the FL Studio, Cubase, Reason or Sonar series. With this program you can work even on low-power computers with sound cards that do not support Full duplex operation modes. Although, if the sound card supports this mode, you will get unlimited opportunities to create your own compositions with professional sound even in formats such as 5 + 1, and with additional plug-ins, even 7 + 1.

Key features:
• Unlimited creation and playback of audio and MIDI tracks.
• Ability to run the program from removable media.
• 64-bit audio engine program.
• Small distribution size and high performance.
• Compatible with multi-core processors and multi-processor systems.
• Direct recording to multiple tracks in a variety of formats, including WAV, OGG, MIDI, FLAC, etc.
• Supports a wide range of hardware.
• Supports VST, VSTi, DX, DXi effects and instruments.
• Many built-in tools and effects.

What’s New 5.99:

Mouse modifiers
use marquee cursor for marquee + time selection combination
improve execution speed of actions to change default mouse modifiers •
restore 5.984 ibeam cursor for arrange empty areas
Directory cleanup
fix Ctrl + A / Cmd + A in various circumstances •
Enterprise support
support installing files from (exe path) / REAPERConfigTemplate or (on macOS) / Library / Application Support / REAPER / REAPERConfigTemplate / to user config path
fix incorrect timing information / transport state reporting / sample accurate automation for take FX •
safer handling of first responder chain when hiding / destroying child windows
fix setting project custom beat pattern if the project contains measures that are longer than the project default time signature •
MIDI export
fix exporting tempomap when project time offset is negative •
allow enabling of 32-bit rewire on Mojave via rewire_allow32 = 1 in reaper.ini
Ripple editing
fix items becoming ungrouped when editing with ripple-per-track enabled •
Tempo map
improve behavior of insert measure from loop selection at high / low tempos •
support setting all VST3 MIDI programs even if the plugin reports a program count of zero •
Web interface
fix hung connection if requesting a directory path on linux / macOS •

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