Cinematic Sequencer – Slate 1.9.2 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 12, 2022


Year/Date of Issue:07.03.2019
Version: 1.9.2
Developer: Paradox Notion
Developer site: _
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
tablet: not required
System requirements: Unity 5.6.1 or higher

Supports Unity 5.6, 2017, 2018.
SLATE is the most efficient, simple and intuitive sequencer for creating cinematic or gaming cutscenes in Unity, full of unique features and artist friendly UI/UX to achieve the best workflow and possible results in less time.
SLATE helps you bring your creative ideas to life without the hassle of a familiar real-time linear track editor inspired by programs like Adobe After Effects and Premiere right inside Unity.
Main characteristics:
• Take control of unprecedented real-time cleaning, visual feedback, and layer-level deterministic sampling.
• Live cutscenes using the intuitive camera capture system, making motion shots hassle-free. Create transitions, automatically add/remove gameplay and render from a single sequential render camera, thus applying all image effects such as color correction or AO equally.
• Capture motion camera shots without keyframes using the new Dynamic Shot Controller features.
• Animate anything in the familiar curve editor and easily control animation keys in the intuitive DopeSheet editor.
• Animate action clip parameters directly in clips, similar to animation software such as After Effects, and achieve so much more in less time.
• Work with automatic or manual settings, similar to most programs for animation.
• Render and edit animation trails directly in the 3D scene view.
• Play animation clips on top of each other, use avatar masks, or blend seamlessly between them using an advanced layer-based animation tracking system. Legacy & Mecanim support.
• Take advantage of direct playback of Mecanim’s animation clip without the need to create a controller, as well as using animation remapping, root motion and IK.
• Play audio clips using the Unity mixer for more precise control and effects.
• Play video clips with a new video track.
• Use multiple clips to animate lighting, time, fog, particles, 2D sprites, facial expressions, headgaze, IR, subtitles, image overlays, pathfinding and more with full cleanup control and real-time feedback to the editor.
• Work with virtual actor references and ready-made actor instances automatically and without hassle.
• Reuse created clips by animating actor properties and clip settings in local role space.
• Use the new Alembic track, import alembic files and create high quality Unity cinematics.
• Render to PNG, EXR or MP4 files along with render elements in the editor or at runtime.
• Arrange and rearrange cutscenes with time sections, or use assist scenes similar to After Effects precompositions.
• Play cutscenes in any way possible. One time: cycle, ping pong, forward, backward, a specific section, or any combination of these words.
• Easily extend and create custom clips using a clean and well-documented API.
• Publication on all platforms.
• Full source code included.
• VR supported.
• And much more…
Available integrations:
• NodeCanvas.
• FlowCanvas.
• Dialogue system for unity.
• Adventure Creator.
• Playmaker.
• Salsa.
• spine. (live preview)
• Lipsync. (live preview)
• FinalIK. (live preview)
• CaronteFX. (live preview)
• Alembic Importer. (live preview)
• Post-processing stack. (live preview)
• Not all…

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