Cableguys – ShaperBox v3.5.2 – CE-V.R (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

By | June 21, 2024


Release Year/Date : 05/20/24
Developer : Cableguys.
Developer’s website : Cableguys
Format : VST, VST3, AAX.
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Cured [CE-V.R]
System requirements : WIN 7+ macOS 10.13+

Description :
Shaperbox is a rhythmic tool designed to ignite creativity and musicality across its entire interface.
This plugin features a multiband feature that allows you to simultaneously process low, mid and high frequencies separately.
Determine the desired time range, step mode, LFO mode, length and waveform.
All these features will give you access to an endless number of periodic opportunities.

To load factory presets, the plugin requires an active Internet connection

Make your music move
Express the emotion in your songs with easy-to-draw LFO waveforms, reactive envelopes, and new audio triggers. Create rhythmic effects that respond to your music – or give it a whole new groove.

Solve complex mixing problems
Create incredibly detailed sounds with 3-band multiband for each effect. Apply targeted enhancements – or erase problematic elements of the mix. Complex mixing made simple.

Ten Shaper Effects
Reverb, time, drive, noise, fluid, filter, crush, volume, pan and width shapers are all combined in ShaperBox 3.
Experience ultra-tight sidechain muting, analog-like filters, stutter, lush rhythmic reverb, multi-band distortion, future phaser/flanger, mid extension, dynamic noise layering, lo-fi bitcrushing and much more.

The new rhythmic reverb effect in ShaperBox 3.4 transforms your tracks into amazing spaces that move, sound and flow with your music. Reveal the hidden rhythm of reverb with chopped, pumping, swelling atmosphere. And expand the capabilities of your products with incredibly precise shaping of space in the mix.

Easier waveform editing
Animate any effect over time with our simplest waveform editing tools. Create curved, stepped or tempo FX patterns in seconds and breathe rhythmic life into your music.

Link to the rhythm
Synchronize your waveforms with rhythms and beats so they’re always in tune with the music. Go from 1/4 note FX pumping to evolving multi-bar patterns and beyond. And all this is accurate to the sample.

Follow any rhythm
Now you can trigger all 10 ShaperBox effects with any sound—for reactive time rotations, distortion envelopes, filter envelopes, transients, and any other trigger effects you can imagine.

Trigger from any track
Want to tone down the bass with VolumeShaper, but the kick isn’t 4×4? No problem! Simply turn on the external sidechain input and the audio trigger will follow any kick rhythm.
And this is not just for muffling the bass. Want to trigger a bitcrossing pattern on your synthesizer every time you hit a crack? Now it’s possible.

Sidechain appearance
See how your kick drum overlaps your bassline with VolumeShaper’s new “Show Outer Sidechain” feature. Draw the perfect damping curve to match the contour of your kick and lock in your low frequencies like never before.

Multiband Power
Each shaper can be divided into 3 stripes for highly targeted processing. Suppress the bass. Mute the mids. Reverse high frequencies. All three bands have their own LFO and Envelope Follower.

Oscilloscope tool
The Oscilloscope tool helps you visualize the dynamics of your music and identify mixing problems. High quality waveform display linked to beats and bars, audio or MIDI. External sidechain overlay makes it easy to compare any two tracks in a project in real time.

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