Brian Funk – Ableton Live Pack Archive (ALP, WAV, ALS)

By | May 26, 2024


Publisher: Brian Funk (Gumroad)
Website: Gumroad
Format: ALP, WAV, ALS
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Brian Funk is a musician, producer and certified Ableton trainer from New York.
Here are all of the available Ableton Live Packs.
Over 200 Ableton Live Packs
More than 500 presets
Synths made from great hardware, synths made from weird sources, drums, drums from even weirder sources, effects and more. There’s almost anything you can imagine here, and almost everything can be transformed into something completely new.
“I strive to create sounds that will make your music special. This collection is over 10 years of work!”

[-Ableton Live Packs-]
– ADM FAB Woodwind
– BF Live Pack Archive (Part One) by Brian Funk 1-100
– BF Live Pack Archive (Part Two) by Brian Funk 101-200
– Here In My Heart AfroDJMac
– Super Awesome Sounds by PerforModule (Free)

-ADM 8 Bit Trance Arps Project
-ADM 100 Year Old Piano Project
– ADM 228 Kit Project
– ADM Ambient Noise Collab Project
– ADM Analog Drums Taste Project
– ADM Analog Noise Project
– ADM ANCIENT Chime and Drum Project
– ADM BDEE Casio CT 101 Project
– ADM Big House Synth Project
– ADM Big Layered Synth Sample Project
– ADM BPB Gameboy Drums Project
– ADM BPB Yamaha DD-8 Instruments Project
– ADM Car Chase Mode Project
– ADM CasiOP-1 Ice Caves Project
– ADM Christmas Bells Project
– ADM Christmas Synths Project
– ADM Comet 67P Project
– ADM Country Punkin Pack Project
– ADM DataLooper In Action Project
– ADM Dawn of the Dead SCI FI STRINGS Project
– ADM Dirty Basses Project
– ADM DJTT vocal delay Project
– ADM DREAM KEYS Lite Project
– ADM Easy Multi FX Project
-ADM Echo Noise Machine Project
– ADM Electric Guitar Synths 100 Project
– ADM EQ 8 Filters Project
-ADM ES Korg Minilogue Project
– ADM Field Recording Sound Design Project
– ADM FM Piano Groove 3 Sampling Course Project
-ADM Glitch Noises Project
– ADM Glitch Voice Project
– ADM Gravitational Waves Project
– ADM Guitar Roulette Sample Project
– ADM High School Sounds Project
– ADM Household Percussion Project
– ADM Instrument FX Rack Project
– ADM Jingle Bells Project
– ADM Juno 106 Analog Pad Project
– ADM Korg MS 20 Arps Demo
– ADM Korg Volca Bass Project
– ADM Korg Volca Beats Drums Project
– ADM Livid Drum Racks Project
– ADM Livid Instruments Project
-ADM Marimbas Project
– ADM MELT Factor FX Project
– ADM Mitchell’s Harpsichord Project
– ADM Mode Audio Environment Synths Project
– ADM Mode Density Project
-ADM Muir Woods Reverb Project
– ADM Neutron Drums Project
– ADM Noisy Bar Violin
– ADM Noverture Percussion Sampler Project
– ADM Paper Towel + Cafe Sounds Project
-ADM Phat Moog Project
– ADM RMac Flute Pack Project
– ADM Sensel Morph Kit Project
– ADM Slim Phatty PLUCKS Project
– ADM Smashed Snapple Can Project
– ADM Smooth Bonus Operators Project
-ADM Snow Day Prophet Project
– ADM SonicBloom Fairlight Project
– ADM Sounds of Sea of White Project
-ADM Special World Project
– ADM SympleSound Pro 2 Project
– ADM Telephone Tones Project
– ADM Thanks Synths Project
– ADM Univox Bass Lucy Project
– ADM VHS DRUMS Sample Project
– ADM Vinyl Taste Project
– ADM Warrior Alluxe Project
– ADM Waterfall Instruments Project
– ADM Wine Glass Project
– ADM Winter Winds Snow Seal Project
– ADM Wrapping Paper Instruments Project
-ADM Y-Roc’s Flutes Project
– AfroDJMac 1 Year Korg-asbord! Project
– AfroDJMac BPB C64 Drums Project
– AfroDJMac Broken Bells Rack Project
– AfroDJMac BroStep Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Christmas Tree Rack Project
– AfroDJMac CP-35 Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Drum Multi FX Project
– AfroDJMac Drum Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Dub Step Lawnmower Man Project
– AfroDJMac Fender Feedback Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Firecrack Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Found Percussion Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Gameboy Glitches and Synth Project
– AfroDJMac Gated Reverb Project
– AfroDjMac Gibson Ebow Pad Project
– AfroDJMac Gibson Pad Project
– AfroDJMac Glitched Piano Project
– AfroDJMac Guitar Harmonics Synth Project
– AfroDJMac Justin Bieber Pack Project
– AfroDJMac Korg Monotron Rack Project
– AfroDjMac LapTop Feedback Synth Project
– AfroDJMac Mark Mosher Rack!
– AfroDJMac Master FX Project
– AfroDJMac Melodica Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Michael Jackson Synth Project
– AfroDJMac MiniBrute Drums Project
– AfroDJMac New York Compressor Project
– AfroDJMac Nintendo Rack Project
– AfroDJMac NuWave Oven Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Operator Drums Project
– AfroDJMac Paul Stretch Project
– AfroDJMac Red Stripe Rack Project
– AfroDJMac Resampling Study 1 Project
– AfroDJMac Reversed Piano Project
– AfroDJMac Rubberband Synth Project
– AfroDJMac Sidechaining Tutorial Project
– AfroDJMac Snake Drum Project
– AfroDJMac Space China Synth Project
– AfroDJMac Space Forest Synth Project
– AfroDJMac Space Heaven Pad+Drums Project
– AfroDJMac Sub Bass Project
– AfroDJMac Super Bass! Project
– AfroDJMac Super Glitch Machine Part 2 Project
– AfroDJMac Synth Work Station FX Project
– AfroDJMac SynthPad Tape Project
– AfroDJMac Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle Project
– AfroDJMac Taste of Phatty Project
– AfroDJMac Tuned 808 Bass Drum Project
– AfroDJMac Unusual Perc 2 Project
– AfroDJMac Unusual Perc Project
– AfroDJMac Vinyl Crackler Project
– AfroDJMac Vox – Dub Delay Project
– AfroDJMac Yamaha Drums Project
– AfroDJMac’s Noises, Risers, Swooshes Rack Project
– AfroDJMac’s Super Glitch Machine Project
– Alpha Juno 2 Sampler Project
– Bells and Kalimba
– BF 432Hz Project
– BF A Bottle of Coffee Live Standard Project
– BF A Bottle of Coffee Project
– BF Bathroom Reverb Project
– BF BB Tongue Drum Project
– BF Birds of Prey Project
– BF Casio CZ 1 Sampler Project
– BF Casio SK-1 Free Edition Project
– BF Channel Strip Project
– BF Christmas Bears Project
– BF Christmas Tree Beats Project
– BF Costco Cash Registers Project
– BF Dad’s Dinosaur Friend FREE Project
– BF Desk Drums Project
– BF Dollar Store Keyboard Free Project
– BF Easy Tambourine Project
– BF Easy Volume Rider Project
– BF Fender Strat Pickup Press
– BF Free Accordion Project
– BF Free Drift Presets Project
– BF Glitch Drum Kit Project
– BF Grave Digging Project
– BF Hainbach Isolation Instruments Project
– BF Halloween Theremin Project
– BF Journey Separate Ways Synth Project
– BF Light Zapper Project
– BF Lo-Fi Mediums Project
– BF LoopAtHome Project
– BF Meld Project
– BF Mode Trip Hop Drums Free Project
– BF My Voice Keys Project
– BF Rudolph the Red-Nosed Live Pack Project
– BF Santa’s Angel Project
– BF Santa’s Firetrucks Project
– BF Singing Dog Project
– BF Smashed Drums Project
– BF Space Journey Kit Project
– BF Super Bowl Project
– BF Turkey Synths Live Intro Project
– BF Turkey Synths Project
– BF TXTR FREE Project
– BF VCR WAVE Sampler Project
– Big C’s Wicked Game Rack Project
– Casio Tone Project
– Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synth Project
– Collins’ Filter Housing Project
– Crumar NRVS Rack Project
– Dirty Trumpet – JM-DG
– Double P Keys Project
– DualMicDualCab Project
– Juno Nobility Pad Project
– Juno Swell Bell Project
– LaunchPad Emu 2 Live 8 Project
– LaunchPad Emu 2 Project
– LaunchPad Push Project
– Little Drummer Boy Project
– Mandobass
-Minitaur Madness
– ModeAudio – Free Ableton Live Pack
– Mom’s Piano Project
– Monotron Delay Emulation (VIDEO) Project
– Monotron Mods Project
– Multi Sampled Simpler Prophet 6 Pad Project
– No Music Theory Project
– Ocarina of Live Project
– Oooh to Ahhh Vocal Synth Project
– OP-1 Drums Project
– Rusty Rhodes AfroDJMac Robert Chambers
– Shaky Muted Dirty Trumpet – JM-DG and AfroDJMac Project
– Shruthi-1 Bass Project
– Shruthi-1 Buzzer Project
– Shruthi-1 Hover Project
– Simple Ch Strip Project
– SQ80 Hush Rack Project
– Steel Water Bottle Project
– Street Lights Project
– tea kettle project
– The Round Wavetable Pack Project
– Vinyl Scratcher Project
– Vinyl Snackler Project
– Vocal FX Rack Project
– Whistle Pack ~ pATCHES and AfroDJMac
– Windsor Hum Synth Project
– Zebra Attack II Mosher-AfroDJMac Project

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