Blackmagic Design – Fusion Studio 17.4.4 [MacOS]

By | August 16, 2022


Release year : 2022
Version : 17.4.4
Developer : Blackmagic Design
Architecture : x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : English
Tablet : file replacement
System requirements :

  1. Minimum system requirements:
  2. Mac 10.14.6 Mojave
  3. 8 GB of system memory. 16 GB+ for improved performance.
  4. Integrated GPU or discrete GPU with at least 2 GB of VRAM
  5. Latest graphics driver as recommended by your GPU manufacturer

Description : The Fusion package is the most advanced software for overlaying visual effects, broadcast graphics and 3D animation. In the more than 25 years that have passed since its inception, Hollywood studios have created over a thousand world-famous blockbusters in it. The powerful interface of the program is built on the basis of nodes, which allow you to quickly and easily add combined special effects. Thanks to a huge set of tools and functions, Fusion will help you to qualitatively change any material, whether it is an on-air program, a commercial, a TV series or a full-length feature film!

A new level of visualization
The best Hollywood films contain hundreds, and sometimes thousands of diverse 2D and 3D elements, flawlessly embedded in the original image. With Fusion, the entire compositing process is based on 3D nodes; it is possible to import 3D models and material from other applications, and hundreds of tools, effects and filters allow you to create truly high-quality film and television productions.

Any process of creating visual effects begins with compositing, that is, overlaying one image on another. Thanks to Fusion, this is a simple action that requires only two basic tools to perform. Merge allows you to quickly join both images together in 2D space, while Merge 3D allows you to quickly join them together in 3D.

Node-Based Workflow
Leading Hollywood professionals prefer to work with nodes in order to have precise control over each element. All nodes represent separate stages of image processing and are arranged in a logical structure that eliminates the clutter of layers and makes it possible to break complex scenes into simpler components.

Fusion 3D workspace
is a software environment for creating visual effects and entire scenes in a 3D workspace. You can process and render complex footage that combines 2D video and 3D models, and combine these elements with geometric shapes, virtual cameras, lights, and add volumetric fog.

Keying and masking
In order to create a flawless composite image, it is important to be able to remove blue or green backgrounds, as well as unwanted details. Fusion comes with a range of extremely powerful keying modules, including the new Delta tool. It uses a modern way of processing along with various Matte settings, allowing you to achieve the highest results and preserve the smallest details in the frame.

Rotoscoping is used to isolate the figures of actors or objects from other elements in the frame. Splines and Bezier curves allow you to quickly draw the outline of any object and apply tracking. Planar tracking data eliminates the need for manual animation of operations such as scaling, rotating, positioning, moving, and changing perspective.



Virtual Reality
Support for all major virtual reality helmets and glasses, interactive viewing and working with a stereoscopic environment.
Tracking camera movement
Analysis of the movement of filming equipment allows you to recreate the trajectory of the movement of the 3D camera and the focal length of the lens to add computer graphics and other virtual objects.

Planar Tracking
Analysis of an area of ​​an image with automatic collection of the necessary data to determine the plane of motion, which can be used in the manipulation of the shape of an object and video stabilization.

Delta Keyer and Clean Plate
The Clean Plate tool produces a clean edge image on any background for exceptionally accurate keying with the Delta Keyer module.

Tracking and Rotoscoping Planar
tracking data can be used in rotoscoping to create an accurate path for selected elements and their correct placement in relation to other objects.

GPU Acceleration
In addition to the standard GPU acceleration, many Fusion tools now support OpenCL for even faster operations.

What’s new in Blackmagic Fusion Studio 17.4.4

  • Added support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 2.3.
  • Addressed an issue with 3D material memory usage.
  • Addressed an issue with some stereo viewer modes.
  • Addressed an issue with add tool dialog positioning.
  • Addressed an issue with tall aspect clips in monitor view.
  • Addressed an issue with Text+ outline perspective thickness.
  • Addressed some tools not updating to new timeline resolutions.
  • Addressed an issue when pressing alt/opt+K in planar tracker.
  • Addressed an issue writing frame rates in some QuickTime clips.
  • Addressed an issue with some duplicate color control labels.
  • General performance and stability improvements

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