Bad Cat Samples – The Lucky Harp (KONTAKT)

By | May 26, 2024


Publisher: Bad Cat Samples
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz mono

Description: So lucky, so lucky. Another Celtic harp! Contact 5.6.5

Additional Information :
“The Lucky Harp” is a meticulously recorded, and incredibly deeply
sampled Celtic Harp instrument. Offering 6 Velocities Layers, and
6 Round Robins giving 36 unique samples per string. The particular
instrument that we sampled was a 26 string Diatonic Celtic Harp in
the key of C. Our goal was to offer something incredibly deep and
extremely expressive, and we are very pleased with this latest
Recorded through a Royer 121, and run through crystal clean preamps
and pristine conversion, The result is something truly dark & beau-
tiful. We opted for a “dry” sound with minimal ambience, and have
included a custom IR that suits the instrument well. Offering
control over attack & release, reverb, and a gentle boost/cut at
12k, We have no doubts that this instrument will make its way to
the top of your ‘go to’ harp choices. Suitable for solo pieces, &
or within a full track, this instrument will be sure to inspire!
There are 2 patches that come with the instrument, A Diatonic
patch, offering the instruments natural tones, and a chromatic
patch, that has been extended from the diatonic. 936 samples in
total, delivered in 24bit / 48khz .wav format.

– A deeply sampled Celtic Harp instrument
– Custom Impulse Response
– attack, release, reverb, and gentle eq control
– 6 Velocity Layers – 6 Round Robins
– Diatonic & Chromatic Patch included
– Over 900 samples in a 470 MB Download
– ****** Runs in KONTAKT v5.6.5 ******

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