AudioRealism – ABL2 (VST AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | October 25, 2016



The legendary silver box which is hallmark in electronic music has been recreated in AudioRealism Bass Line 2 (ABL2). Analog modeling techniques have been employed to create a DSP-algorithm that accurately emulates every aspect of the original TB-303, from growling basses to hollow middles and beeping highs with metal rattling accents. Patterns are composed in a fashion similar to the original using the integrated step sequencer with easy to use manipulation functions such as transpose and randomization


  • Authentic Bass Line emulation (Monophonic – 1 VCO/1 VCF/1 VCA).
  • Synth:
    • Tone generator: 5 Octaves range (C1-C5).
    • Two waveforms (Sawtooth and Square wave).
    • Filter type: Low pass resonant.
    • Filter range: 20Hz-22kHz resonance frequency.
    • Filter slope: 18 or 24dB/octave.
    • Envelope control: Modulation, Decay and Accent.
    • Decay time approx 0.2 – 3.5 sec.
  • Internal step sequencer:
    • Pattern memory: 128 Patterns.
    • 1 to 64 steps per Pattern.
    • Effects per step: Accent, Slide and transpose (up/down).
    • Time modes: 16th notes and rest.
    • Tempo range: 25-250 BPM or 1-500 BPM in Host sync mode.
  • Full MIDI CC control with learning function.
  • Analog tuning mode.
  • Integrated distortion unit.
  • High pass filter (low cut).
  • Rebirth RB-338 pattern import.
  • Freebee pattern import/export.
  • Two MIDI modes (Pattern or Note).
  • Sample accurate sync to VST host.


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