Arturia – Expansion Community Presets (SYNTH PRESET)

By | July 28, 2021


Publisher: Arturia
Website: Arturia

Description: Here you can get banks of presets that can be used with your Arturia synthesizers. These presets were made by talented sound engineers and musicians. With their help, you are now ready to improve your knowledge and expand the capabilities of the tool.

Efficient Pads
Efficient Keys
Vangelis Tribute
Sensual Piano
Innate Funk
Efficient Bass
Ambient Soundscapes
Dark Ambient
House chords
Iconic Vibration
Lyli’s Signature
Electric Rescue’s Signature
JMJ Tribute
Kraft tribute
Magnificent Motion
Maxime Dangles’ Signature
Richard Devine’s Signature
The drift

Update :
Added new sets of presets:

Installation :
Run the installer and install. Copy all presets from distribution folders with appropriate names to folders with installed presets with the same names, which are located in C: ProgramData Arturia Presets SYNTHESIZER NAME Factory FOLDER NAME
Install Arturia.The.Drift.Expansion.Presets.UNLOCKED
Run The_Drift_1_0_0_497.exe and install. Go to the DISTRIBUTION Art_Presets Arturia.The.Drift.Expansion.Presets.UNLOCKED Crack folder and look at the name of the folders for which synthesizers the presets were installed. In this case, for Farfisa V, Jup-8 V3, Matrix-12 V2, SEM V2. We go in turn to each folder and copy the contents of each The Drift folder to C: ProgramData Arturia Presets SYNTHESIZER NAME Factory FOLDER NAME:
For Farfisa V go to Art_Presets Arturia.The.Drift.Expansion.Presets.UNLOCKED Crack _Library_Arturia_Presets_Farfisa V_Factory_ The Drift
Copy everything, go to C: ProgramData Arturia Presets Farfisa V Factory and paste the copied into the The Drift folder with replacement.
For Jup-8 V3 copy everything from Art_Presets Arturia.The.Drift.Expansion.Presets.UNLOCKED Crack _Library_Arturia_Presets_Jup-8 V3_Factory_ The Drift
And paste with replacement into C: ProgramData Arturia Presets Jup-8 V3 Factory The Drift

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