Arturia – Depeche Speak Tribute (ARP 2600, ANALOG LAB, SYNTH PRESET)

By | November 29, 2022


Publisher: Arturia
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description : Discover the power of Arturia’s ARP 2600 synthesizer. These 32 presets recreate the most iconic sounds of Depeche Mode’s first album.
Additional Information
Exploring the power behind Arturia’s ARP 2600 V, these 32 presets recreate some of the most iconic sonic signatures of Depeche Mode’s first album.
“Speak and Spell” was the only Depeche Mode album to feature Vince Clarke, who would later mastermind Yazoo and Erasure, on songwriting and synth duties. followed, it had a much brighter, electro-pop theme than their later work. The ARP 2600 was an essential part of the album’s sound, and was used to sequence practically every other synth on the record. It’s versatile sound and parameters let it not only create bass and melodic sequences, but also drum sounds, including the fabled Depeche Mode kick. Thanks to Arturia’s recreation, you too can enjoy every superb synth sound from this groundbreaking album. Treat yourself to a little bit of history, and experience the early Depeche Mode classics in first person. Just Can’t Get Enough? Get this.

Copy “Depeche Speak Tribute” folder from Depeche Speak Tribute\Presets\ARP 2600 V3\Factory to C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\ARP 2600 V3\Factory

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