AIR Music Technology – Creative FX Collection Plus 1.1 (VST, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | August 27, 2016

AIR - Creative Collection Plus - 1200x750 - 72dpi-rgb

28 classic world-class plug-ins. The original collection of plug-ins included as part of the Pro Tools® since version 8 and it is believed that this set of FX odnin of the most respected professionals in the audio world. Music of many top movies, games, etc.. The last decade of the projects has been treated exactly AIR FX. Each plug-in has been expertly designed with ease of use and will provide professional results every time.

This exclusive and diverse collection provides everything you need for creativity, mixing and mastering, including reverb, compressors, EQs, delays, filters and more.
  • AIR Chorus: – Allows you to apply a small delay to add depth and space to the audio signal.
  • AIR Ensemble: – Allows you to apply a moving, shimmering modulation effects to the audio signal.
  • AIR Flanger: – Allows you to use a short delay in the audio signal.
  • AIR Multi-Chorus: – A plugin that allows you to apply bold, integrated chorus effect.
  • AIR Phaser: – applied to the audio signal with its amazing sound viscous.
  • AIR Reverb: – Use a reverb effect to the audio signal, creating a feeling of space.
  • AIR Non-LinearReverb: – Use this plugin to apply special reversnuju reverb, creating a synthetic environment.
  • AIR SpringReverb: – classic spring reverb.
  • AIR Multi-Delay: – With Multi-Delay plug-in you can use up to five lines of delay to the audio signal.
  • AIR DynamicDelay: – plug-in delay lines, which can be synchronized with the tempo of the session.
  • AIR FrequencyShifter: – Use a frequency shifter, which would change certain audio frequencies, creating a unique effect.
  • AIR StereoWidth: – Plug-in, which can be used to create a wider stereo effect and presence.
  • AIR Distortion: – Instantly adds color to your audio signal different types and varying amounts of distortion.
  • AIR Fuzz-Wah: – Allows you to add flavor to the audio signal different types and different numbers of type transistor distortion.
  • AIR Lo-Fi: – Plug-in, which can be used for sodaniya effects “bit-crash” clipping and distortion of the input signal.
  • AIR Enhancer: – Enhances Broadband low and high audio frequencies.
  • AIR KillEQ: – Use a plug-in for the revitalization of low, medium or high audio frequencies. This popular effect for DJs and is commonly used in electronic music production (especially in dance music).
  • AIR VintageFilter: – Plug-in, which uses modulation, resonant filter to the audio signal. Create your own sounds to be transmitted very resonant aura.
  • AIR FilterGate: – Plug-in, which can be used to “cut” the audio signal into staccato rhythmic patterns with variable filtering, amplitude and panning.
  • AIR Talkbox: – A plugin that allows you to add effects to audio golosopodobnye.
    Plus 8 new plugin:
  • AIR Pumper: – Pumper creates rhythmic pumping effect similar sidechain compression nastraevoemoy with speed, depth and shape of the envelope.
  • AIR Spectral: – Analyzes the incoming signal (its frequency, level, MIDI notes, and other information) to determine which frequencies will be or will not be a part of resynthesize output. Set the parameters Filter By … the incoming signal, and then change the parameters of “dissolve,” envelope, and stereo phase, experimenting with sound. The results may surprise you!
  • AIR DiffusorDelay: – A delay effect that syncs to the tempo of your session and uses the controlled variable diffusion, thereby mimicking the dissipation echo in reverberant space.
  • AIRTubeDrive: – Emulates the sound signal passing through the soft “overloaded” tube amplifier that creates a warm, smooth-sounding distortion.
  • AIRCompressor: – The compressor changes the dynamic range of the signal, automatically reducing its gain, if it exceeds a certain level.
  • AIRMaximizer: – Limiter optimized for professional mastering.
  • AIRParametricEQ: – Four band parametric equalizer with four independent bands.
  • AIRSaturationFilter: – Applies a filter to incoming audio signals, and then applies a selective type of distortion.
Creative FX Collection Plus 1.1 Update for PC
Improved support for REAPER.
Improved support for WaveLab.
Improved support for VIP 2.0.
General performance enhancements.
Improved presets.
No iLok driver is required.
* Our release use less memory and loads faster than original.
If you use all 28 plugins at once, you can save 100MB+ RAM.

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