91Vocals Vocal – Hooks Pink Label (WAV)

By | March 30, 2023


Publisher : 91Vocals Vocal
Website : www.loopmasters.com
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description :
91Vocals are proud to present Vocal Hooks – Pink Label, the first collection of quality vocal hooks designed to enhance a drop or an entire track. With over 150 female and male vocal hooks, improvisations and screams, this set provides you with quality and unique material for cutting and experimenting.

Content :

24bit Quality566 MB61 Kate Wild Vocal Hooks – Wet & Clean8 Kate Wild Vocal FX Loops10 Kate Wild Shouts60 Female Vocal Hooks – Wet & Clean26 Male Vocal Hooks – Wet & Clean10 Vocal Riffs Loops

Additional Information :

91Vocals proudly introduces Vocal Hooks – Pink Label. Our first collection of premium vocal hooks built to signal the drop or inspire an entire song. Featuring over 150 female and male vocal hooks (wet and clean), song starters, ad libs and shouts. Powerful female gang vocals and soulful male melodies ready to be either the perfect top line or clean audio for you to chop and experiment. We selected our favourite performances from sessions in five different keys and BPMs and we encourage you to slice, pitch, effect and mangle. We guarantee original, custom samples that are 100% royalty free!
We recorded three incredible singers, including 91Vocals’ own Kate Wild, with high end microphones and analog hardware. Our pro engineer then added transparent pitch correction where necessary and a few tricks of the trade. All samples are included as ‘Wet’ with effects such as clean reverb, wide delays and stereo widening and also as what we call ‘Clean’. Clean samples have been meticulously edited and gently treated with our vocal chain – applying compression, EQ, level riding and more. Our aim is to create a super crispy clean vocal ready to drop into your track but with the added option of applying your own effects.
Every producer has heard ‘It’s great but if you just added a vocal’ (we have!), so we encourage you to slice, pitch, effect and mangle the Clean samples or find the final key to your next track with professionally polished vocal hooks.

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