8Dio – Century Harps (KONTAKT)

By | June 17, 2024


Publisher: 8Dio
Website: 8Dio
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Full Retail Version Of Kontakt 5.8.1 Or Later Required!

8Dio Century Harps contains two separate concert harps, each carefully selected to represent a different facet in the realm of harp tones. Harp 1 is the bright, bold and shimmering Venus concert harp. This instrument can sound delicate, but also has bright high tones that can cut through and soar into the air in your orchestral compositions.

Additional Information :
Harp 2 is a Lyon & Healy Concert Harp. It has a mellower and rounder tone. The instrument can sit back in a mix and will add a warm depth to your orchestrations. While it has a wonderful bold tone at higher dynamics, It’s perfect for delicate/quieter passages. We think of it as a softer, scoring harp.

The dynamic range of a concert harp is very broad. Harps are capable of the softest feathery pianissimo all the way up to a thunderous fortissimo. This presents a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to sampling. For us, the real magic of the harp exists in the softer dynamics. It is impossible to capture this softer dynamic range without encountering some noise (particularly in a large sound stage). For this reason, softer dynamics are often underrepresented in sampled instruments.

The specific intention of Century Harps is to keep it as natural as we can and are processed as little as possible. We’ve worked very hard to preserve the natural feather, air, shimmer and even HISS (gasp!!!!!) of the softer tones. If you are looking for a harp collection without any natural noise, this might not suite your tastes. Removing these elements destroys the character of the softer dynamics. We just couldn’t do that to our beloved harps!

We believe that the natural noise reflection is absolutely vital to the sound of Century Harps.

Both harps included with Century Harps contain 4 dedicated microphone positions. The “Mixed” option offers you perfect balance between presence and room. The intimate, close mic position is great for more a more present harp. The Decca tree option is great for true orchestral purists. We also recorded a lush, wide microphone position, which captures more of the richness in the room.

Century Harps contains over 3,000 Glissandos. We deep-sampled the Glissandos in Minor, Major, Diminished, Augmented, and Pentatonic chords, each with two velocity and two speed variations. In addition, you can choose between four different swirl styles, including Two-Octaves, Four-Octaves, Swirling, and a Bi-Directional Pattern.

Every articulation can be accessed with a few simple clicks. All patches in Century come with 10 empty slots. Double click on any of the slots and you can select any articulation in the library. Every slot automatically gets assigned to a key-switch (or CC if you prefer), so you can create an advanced, custom articulation matrix in just a few seconds.

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