Zerene Stacker Professional 1.04 [WiN x86 x64]

By | August 18, 2023


Release Year: 2022
Version: 1.04 Build T202105281930
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: English
System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
Tabletka: present

Description :
Zerene Stacker is an indispensable program for advanced macro photographers. It is designed to process and retouch macro photos to enhance detail and quality.
Powerful algorithms ensure good processing even in complex cases. Fast and flexible retouching makes it easy to combine the best features of multiple algorithms as well as original textures. The program is specially designed to create one fully focused image from several partially focused images by combining the focused areas, which is called ‘focus stacking’. The program does a great job with simple objects, close-ups, and also the landscape!

– simple and user-friendly interface
– high speed
– the ability to process a large number of large files
– the ability to get a 16-bit image output
– high quality of received images
– the ability to create stereo pairs
– generates stereo and 3D animation for difficult objects with structural overlaps and bristles.
– Highest quality output images, especially in difficult cases
– Accurate and stable alignment and interpolation
– Improved alignment algorithms
– Clean processing of hairs and bristles, without halos and contour lines
– Preserves low-contrast details and avoids stacking mush noise
– Fast and flexible retouching allows you to easily combine the best features of several algorithms, as well as the original frames (supported by all versions of the program)
– Support for 8- and 16-bit input and output files
– Can generate stereo and 3D ‘wobble’ animation from a set of shots, even complex objects with structural overlap and bristles
– Fully utilizes modern multi-core processors and multi-processor computers

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