Yamaha – Vocaloid 5.0.3 + Libraries – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi, Standalone) [Win x64]

By | November 27, 2018


Year / Release Date : 09/10/2018
Version : 5 Build 5.0.3
Developer : Yamaha corp
Developer site : _vocaloid.com
Digit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Ne Needed
System requirements : Windows 7+

Description : Program for creating a synthesized voice (singing) Vocaloid5 version 5.0.3. It works as a separate editor and as a VSTi-tool, there is support for ReWire, RealTime input, etc. Additionally, a VST version for Cubase with an old interface and support for V5 libraries is included.



0. SymLink DeInstaller.cmd
1. SymLink Installer.cmd
… If registration of libraries fails – close the plugin and run VOCALOID5_try.exe from the R2R folder

… after adding new libraries, launch VOCALOID5_try

The program is compatible with V3 and V4 banks – vocaloids, you can download them here, on the rutreker (V4 theme + all libraries)
Add. Information : Integrated voice banks V5:
Japanese: Ken, Kaori, Haruno Sora (Cool + Natural)
English: Amy, Chris



5 thoughts on “Yamaha – Vocaloid 5.0.3 + Libraries – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi, Standalone) [Win x64]

  1. deep

    it just doesn’t work….i put everything thing in their respective directories open every file in that 3 times.and every time it says “NO SOUND BANK INSTALLED AT LEAST ONE SOUND BANK IS NECESSARY”
    IDK what did i missed but i got really frustrated by that please help!!!!

  2. rey

    deep, I know this is years late but once installed try the “TRY” executable…….. works perfectly EXCEPT it’s only got one library “Amy”. Past attempts for me in which I didn’t even try the “TRY” ended up in rage-quits 🙂
    anybody knows how to get to and use the 19.7 GB of data in Common Files\vocaloid folders?

  3. Blanky boi

    hey rey copy from another website hope this works

    ive resolved the problem
    use regedit, and open this
    1. inside it choose BMPTD…. folder (with bankname amy)
    2. then export the “Version” key/folder from regedit.
    3. after that edit those regedit file with notepad and rename the folder name inside with the name of the bank you want to add the new registry (ex: for kaori bank rename it from the component folder name which is BKHN95… ). and save the edited regfile in notepad.
    4. and then run the edited regfile to automatically add the “version” key/folder to the voicebank.
    5. repeat point no. 3 (each reg must be renamed individually with the same folder name of the voicebank in vocaloid5\voice\components)
    6. if you follow the steps carefully all the voicebank will be shown in preferences>default voicebank

  4. rey

    Blanky boi, while I’ll be checking that very generous guide out after a much-needed siesta, man thank you for that. I’m currently trying to get 5.6.2 authorization figured out (medicine doesn’t seem to exist)…… having auditioned dozens of vocals collections I found that the available phrases are…….. i’m sure ya can imagine……..
    “When I woke up last night
    the sun wasn’t there to seeeeeee…….
    I tried to phone the broom but it wasn’t in my room
    Automotive I’ll never beeeee…….”
    Once ya get the flow going in vocaloid, the phrasing is the coolest part. Late and incredibly great singer Eva Cassidy was a dear friend; she was the goddess of phrasing, quite the inspiration 🙂
    Thanks so much, I’ll ping back results. As a vocaloid-inspired composer you might wanna check YouTube for some of Eva’s awesomeness. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is one of her phrasing masterpieces.

  5. rey

    Blanky boi I found the registry parts, but only one of the “Version” folders existed…… the “Amy” one. I was able to export, edit, and merge that .reg file, resulting in a new “Amy” folder.
    No other of the Bxxxxxxx folders have any “Version” subfolders, so I can’t export/revise/merge a new .reg entry.
    Continuing to try, though 🙂


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