Xfer Records – Serum 1.301 (VSTi, AUi) [OSX]

By | August 20, 2020


Year of release: 05/25/2020
Version: 1.301
Developer: Xfer Records
Developer site: xferrecords
Platform: iNTEL
Format: VSTi, AUi
Interface language: English
Tablet: present (patched files for replacement + serial)
System requirements: CPU with SSE2 Mac OS X 10.8 or greater

Description: Serum is a dream table-wave synthesizer, with really high quality sound, visual and creatively oriented interface, has a built-in wavetable editor so that creating music is not a tedious process. The synthesizer has a huge number of wave tables, and of course the ability to create your own. A unison generator that gives up to 16 voices and allows you to flexibly adjust the volume-to-child ratio between them. The sound is very lively, and most importantly modern.

• Ability to import or create your own Wavetables.
• Ultra – pure oscillators – in short, the developers assure that the sound in Serum will be clean and almost transparent.
• Advanced modulation capabilities
• Ability to work with a wavetable in real time
• Large number of filters
• Lots of effects and the ability to modulate each of them.
• Extended Unison – up to 16 voices per oscillator. Several unison modes and other features.
• Serum includes 450 presets, 144 wave tables.

New in version :
1.30b1 (May 25 2020)
Fix: preference: Limit Polyphony to one of any note number was causing a filter click on new / stolen note
Fix: SerumFX was latching on stop which could cause LFOs to become offset
Fix: Some on-screen help tooltips were displaying the wrong tip information
Fix: Flip Vertical was moving LFO Bus modulation assignments
Fix: Remove Modulations context menu item was not removing LFO Points on Windows
Fix: Alt key was not reacting on AAX Windows
Fix: In 1.29b9, graph curve handles were not drawing on X-Shaper / Remap graphs
Fix: Adjusting LFO 5-8 rate with notes playing was not reacting until new note
Fix: Updated Mix / Level image artwork

4 thoughts on “Xfer Records – Serum 1.301 (VSTi, AUi) [OSX]

  1. Msri

    dont work on el capitan… and the other version re ask for the key sometime.. and dont accept the new presets..

    sorry for my english and thank you for your work 🙂 <3

  2. lianoa

    it’s written that ” effect chains ” folder is missing. any solution ?


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