Volumetric Audio v1.1.8 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 11, 2022


Year/Date of Issue:07.05.2018
Version: 1.1.8
Developer: Carlos Wilkes
Developer site: _https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/audio/volumetric-audio-17125
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
tablet: not required
System requirements: Unity 4.3.0 or higher

Unity sounds come from only one point source. This is great for explosions and steps, but quite often you need something more advanced.
Volumetric Audio is an easy to use package that allows you to define rectangles, spheres, capsules, tracks or grids from which sounds can originate.
• Cross-platform – works on all platforms and devices.
• Easy to use – just attach the VA_Sphere component to your spheres, VA_Mesh to your meshes, VA_AudioSource to your audio sources and chain them together!
• Full source code – like all my other assets, the full C# code is included.
• Sound Reverb Zones (NEW) – Works great for turning regular sound reverb zones into surround ones.
• Compound Shapes – If your volume cannot be defined by just one shape, easily combine as many as you need to form a compound shape.
• Hollow and Hollow (NEW) – Your sounds don’t have to be 3D – by turning on IsHollow you can force the sound to come from the shell of your shapes.
• Mesh Baking (NEW) – If your game uses complex meshes that emit sound, you can bake them in the editor or at runtime to improve performance.
• Exluded Shapes (NEW) – If you want to add pockets of silence inside your 3D shapes, you can simply add those shapes to the ExludedShapes list.
• Occlusion (NEW) – if you want certain objects to block sound, you can easily achieve this with the help of occlusion groups.

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