UVI – UVX-3P v1.1.6 (UVI Workstation, Falcon)

By | February 11, 2024


Publisher: UVI
Website: UVI UVX-3P
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Based on the Roland JX-3PUVX-3P is based on the Roland JX-3P six-voice analog synthesizer released in 1983.
Thanks to its ergonomic control panel, this synthesizer democratized the famous Japanese analog sound, making it accessible to semi-professional and amateur musicians who could not afford fancy, expensive devices or were intimidated by more complex controls.

Many of its components were also used in more expensive analogues, and it included a wonderful programmer as well as two digital oscillators, making it a stunning and very powerful machine.
Featuring darker, edgier tones than its space-age Jupiter siblings, the synthesizer has been used by pop greats such as Stevie Nicks, Vince Clarke and The Cure, as well as electronic music pioneers such as Orbital and The Future Sound. of London.

To create the UVX-3P, we started with a restored and fully equipped original Roland JX-3P machine,
and then allowed our sound engineers to push the instrument to its limits.
The sound guys – they’re still human resources – will push anyone to the limit and won’t wince.
We recorded a wide range of synthetic sounds, from organic bass to uncanny pads and analog leads.
The patches have been sampled without processing, so you can enjoy the original sound of the instrument.
+ additionally with built-in analog chorus enabled – such patches are marked Chorus.
according to secret information, it was the sound engineers who brought the synth to such a limit that the chorus simply did not turn off for some time – we had to pretend that it was intended that way.

The result is a bank of over 6,700 sound samples and 160 presets.
There you’ll find a wide range of sounds, basking in the analogue atmosphere of the early 1980s.
The GUI has a vintage look with modern controls for deep audio processing.
You can easily manipulate and automate amplitude, filters, and effects to fine-tune your sound, or start from scratch using raw signals and create entirely new sounds.
The UVX-3P reproduces the sought-after vintage analog tones of this exceptional 80’s Japanese model in a fantastic virtual instrument.

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