UVI – Program 24 v1.0.3 (UVI Workstation, Falcon)

By | February 10, 2024


Publisher: UVI
Website: UVI Program 24
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Solton Ketron Programmer 24 + Solton SM100Program 24 takes you back to the signature Italo-disco sound of the 80s, inspired by two outstanding, almost forgotten synthesizers: the Solton Programmer 24 and SM100.

The Programmer 24 is a 1985 instrument with a 3-octave keyboard. It offers everything you need to create complete arrangements and includes real-time playing features, ideal for accompanying other musicians. It contains a full 8-bit PCM rhythm section, analog bass and arpeggiated melodies with analog filters, violin, cello and three organ sounds (8′, 4′ and 2′), and arrangements based on chord and pattern sequencers. In addition, it has separate outputs for 8 drum and bass parts, MIDI and a cassette interface for storage.

The unique sound and character of this 80’s style monster immediately caught our attention. The drums are clean and energetic, the bass and arpeggios are vintage, and the uniformity of the instruments creates a unique sound.

On the other hand, the SM100 is an analog synth from the same era, featuring multiple DCOs and a phenomenal chorus/ensemble effect. We multi-sampled every sound so you can activate the chorus effect just like the original instrument. These two machines offer a wide variety of sounds that current generations can use to create their own grooves.

Program 24 reproduces sounds and arrangements from a very specific period and allows you to create new, completely new ones. We recorded every drum sound (and some extras from legendary machines like DMX, Linn, 8o8, etc.), every note of every analog instrument, MIDI rhythm patterns, classic arpeggiators and chord-tracking arpeggiators, and separate call to presets for each sound. Numerous multikits, simple sound presets, arpeggiators, rhythm kits and MIDI drum files give you access to completely vintage sounds and patterns, as well as other new themes developed by our team. This gives you an incredible variety of classic 1980s sounds and modern patches.

The multi-instrument includes a complete, fully programmable workstation, so you can prepare the perfect arrangements in your DAW using all the sounds of the machine. And to shape your sound with even greater ease and versatility, we’ve included two reverb sends and two more delay sends that can handle the sound of any instrument or drum, plus multi-mode filters, overdrive, phaser and EQ for each instrument. Finally, multiple main bus effects allow you to use overdrive, compressor and EQ to add punch and fine-tune your mix without leaving the GUI.

We’ve also made each tool section available separately. This way you can use just drums, bass, strings or organs, or even accompaniment sounds when you need them. Each instrument is identical to its multi-equivalent; it offers the same effects section, the same sends and presets. It’s the perfect solution for allowing you to focus on sound design or simply add a layer or two of sound to your production.

Program 24 celebrates the disco and electronic soul of the 1980s. The selection of instruments highlights stunning sounds, perfect for adding vintage charm to any style of music.

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