Ueberschall – Synthetic Soundtracks 1 (ELASTIK)

By | September 16, 2023


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Episode 1: The Dawn of Analog Power.
The first installment in Ueberschall’s own epic trilogy, capturing the futuristic synth-driven nature of classic film and TV scores, perfect for trailers and soundtracks.
The library is built from 10 massive kits and contains over 1000 loops and samples in 5.5 GB of data

Since the introduction of the first synthesizer, composers have taken us on an epic journey through the universe of electronic sound. Whether it’s 80s icons like The Terminator or modern hits like Blade Runner or Stranger Things, synthesizer-based music can take listeners to both the ends of the universe and beyond. into strange new worlds.

This Elastik-based library consists of 10 sets and contains over 1000 loops and samples with 5.5 GB of data. Each set contains 4 to 6 music sections, as well as processed and unprocessed versions of many loops, as well as individual drum sounds. Instruments include synths, leads, pads, arpeggios, strings and bass sounds. Cinematic sound effects and voice effects, impacts, air-cuts, whooshes, ambients, drops and build-ups are also included. Both electronic and acoustic drum sounds are present and include snares, kicks, sub-kicks, cymbals, hits and various electronic percussion. Initial tempos range from 60 to 126 bpm, but Elastik’s high-quality tempo matching tools provide greater flexibility to fit your vision.

When it comes to music, there are no final boundaries. Whether your music needs to convey the mood of another world, set the scene for a dystopian urban future, or simply make the listener afraid to look under the bed, Synthetic Soundscapes: Episode 1 could be the perfect start to your own epic musical journey. Whether you want to create pulsating deep drones, orchestral synth scores, or evolving transitions, the library has you covered!

Elastik is the perfect tool for creating loop-based music. The ReTune algorithm gives you complete control over the tonality of any polyphonic or monophonic loop. This way you can easily combine loops from different libraries. Elastik offers complete control over qualitative changes in time and pitch. Additional parameters can be adjusted based on the slices, including pitch shift, volume and pan, reverse, formant, filter and resampling. The innovative Inspire feature lets you create new song ideas on the fly.

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