Ueberschall – Acoustic Guitar Trio (ELASTIK)

By | March 2, 2024


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Acoustic pop.
Acoustic Guitar Trio features various combinations of steel strings, nylon strings, 12 strings and mandolin.
The kits cover a range of tempos and musical styles influenced by contemporary pop, Latin American, country and folk. The mood is positive, gentle and thoughtful. However, no matter the tempo, style, or mood, the Acoustic Guitar Trio offers a great sonic palette with which you can paint your next musical scene.

This Elastik library combines 10 2.6GB datasets containing approximately 700 loops and phrases. Performances are up to 40 seconds long. Each of the kits has 3 separate music sections, as well as separate introductory and ending sections to facilitate the creation of complete arrangements. Within each set, the main music sections vary in intensity, allowing you to add the dynamics you need to your music projects. The original tempo range is from 94 to 168 bpm, but Elastik’s powerful tempo and pitch control tools have expanded the possibilities even further, allowing you to tailor sample content to the specific needs of your project.

While the instruments are focused on the acoustic guitar, in each kit, these parts are complemented by bass and minimalist percussion. Bass is represented by either regular electric bass or acoustic guitar with a low tuning. Percussion includes a shaker, tambourine, and sounds generated by playing the body of an acoustic guitar. An SFX loop ends the rhythm section.
Of course, all acoustic instruments have been recorded to the highest standards and are ready to use right in your mix. Microphone recordings are available dry without any additional effects. In addition, line / DI phrases are included for all guitar and bass parts. They can be mixed with mic recordings, or used with your own choice of processing and ambience effects to match your project perfectly. A pre-mixed loop with two rhythm parts panned left and right is also included for convenience.

Acoustic Guitar Trio is perfect for media composers, songwriters or music producers looking for inspiration for their next acoustic project. The sound is excellent, the performance is top notch, and the format offers great musical flexibility. If your next project is to be a guitar star, the Acoustic Guitar Trio is the perfect choice.

The Elastik player is the perfect tool for making modern music. The ReTune algorithm allows you to change the key and scale of any loop while maintaining the highest quality. All libraries are organized in one browser based on tags and can be easily combined with each other. All loops are tagged with key and tempo information, making quick search and immediate integration very easy and intuitive.

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