Udemy – The Blender 4 Ultimate Guide (TUTORIAL)

By | June 9, 2024


Year of manufacture: 2023
Manufacturer: Udemy
Manufacturer’s website: https://www.udemy.com
Author: Neil Bettison
Duration: 21:30:29
Type of material distributed: Video lesson
English language

Description: Welcome to Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide, a transformative journey developed by 3D Tudor and ideal for those who want to master the modeling techniques in Blender 4.
Join Neil from 3D Tudor in “Blender 4 the Ultimate Guide” and improve your 3D modeling skills. This 20-hour comprehensive course covers everything from Blender basics to advanced texturing and rendering techniques.

Learn to create realistic 3D environments, master UV unwrapping, and explore advanced features such as geometric nodes and fabric simulation. Ideal for both beginners and experienced artists, Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide offers over 100 lessons on modeling, texturing and environmental design in Blender 4. Improve your 3D art with our hands-on approach and become part of an active community students.

My name is Neil, I’m the driving force behind 3D Tudor, and I’m excited to bring you this comprehensive 20-hour course, a deep dive into designing 3D environments using Blender. In your Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide course project, you will create a stylized 3D environment that captures the essence of ancient Egyptian architecture with a modern twist.
Your building will feature iconic domes and arched doorways reminiscent of traditional Egyptian buildings, complemented by vibrant textures and a warm, inviting color palette. Balconies adorned with intricate railings and geometric patterns, as well as ornate windows with lattice designs will add depth and character to your model.
The environment will be enlivened by lush green palm trees framing the structure and flowing vines draping the sandstone walls, creating a historic scene rich in detail. This project will not only demonstrate your ability to combine the past with the present in your 3D modeling, but will also demonstrate your ability to combine a classic setting with a modern style.
Take an exciting journey through time with our Ultimate Guide to Blender 4, where the magic begins in the planning stage. We carefully lay the groundwork using cutting-edge tools like MidJourney and PureRef, ensuring that your creation is not just a figment of the imagination, but a masterpiece rooted in realism.
This is an essential skill for those who want to delve into modeling techniques in Blender 4. Intensive research and collection of materials will allow you to create authentic 3D environments that echo the grandeur of Ancient Egypt in a stylized way.
We’ve carefully crafted The Ultimate Blender 4 Guide to guide you through every step of the 3D modeling pipeline – from initial idea to grayboxing, modeling, texturing, and finally rendering and compositing.
This journey isn’t just about 3D modeling with Blender 4; It’s about revolutionizing 3D modeling and laying a solid foundation for becoming a professional in this dynamic field.

7 main points of the Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide course:
– Master the art of creating vibrant, stylized sunrises for virtual environments using advanced rendering and compositing techniques in Blender.
– Use our exclusive resource library, carefully selected to create a stylized Egyptian environment, with a variety of exotic plants, materials and geometry nodes.
– Speed โ€‹โ€‹up asset creation and enhance your scenes with our adaptable geometry knot system designed to efficiently design professional-grade scenes.
– Discover specialized UV development techniques that give you precise control over texture application, delivering the results you want.
– Create intricate vine shapes that seamlessly integrate with architectural structures, adding a unique flavor to your Egyptian-inspired scene.
– Create a distinctive landscape foundation for your surroundings by skillfully combining stylized textures through vertex painting to create a cohesive look.
Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide is more than just a series of tutorials. This is an interactive learning experience that will enhance your skills in 3D design, texturing, lighting and environment creation. With over 100 lessons, you’ll gain not only technical know-how, but also creative ideas to help bring your ideas to life.
Your course project will be a stylized 3D environment inspired by the grandeur of Ancient Egypt. Your class project will involve you in hands-on learning where you will be able to apply the concepts covered in the lessons. You’ll start with a basic gray box to determine the layout and structure of your scenes, moving on to intricate details such as creating architectural elements and realistic foliage. This journey will enhance your skills in UV unwrapping, texture application and fabric modeling, culminating in beautifully rendered and artistically rich 3D environments. Designed to be challenging and rewarding, this project is ideal for both beginning and experienced 3D artists and will serve as a showcase of your new skills in designing 3D environments using Blender.

Key Points in The Complete Guide to Blender 4 :
1. Blender Basics: Start by understanding the Blender interface and resource management. Learn how to efficiently set up projects and store files using Blender’s Asset Manager.
2. Ownership of resources and links. Discover the art of resource and link management in Blender, including creative AI assistance with ChatGPT and 3D environment design techniques.
3. Advanced modeling methods. Immerse yourself in grey-box style modeling and lighting, explore structural elements and create natural elements using geometric knots.
4. Texturing and Material Application: From creating stylized columns and applying textures to designing arches and beams, gain skills in applying textures and UV unwrapping.
5. Architectural and environmental design. Learn to model complex architectural elements such as doors, windows and balconies and integrate them into your 3D scenes.
6. Sculpture and modeling of props. Immerse yourself in the art of sculpting parts and modeling unique props to enhance your scenes.
7. Create a realistic environment. Gain hands-on experience in landscape detailing, light modeling, and scene optimization to create immersive environments.
8. Final compositions and rendering. Complete the tutorial by finalizing your compositions and mastering the rendering process.

Dive into our download package :
“Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide” comes with a huge resource pack including 4 geometry nodes (chain geometry node, palm tree geometry node, vine geometry node, planks geometry node), 1 offset modifier terrain setting, several reference plants and foliage (4 ferns , 4 plants, 8 bunches of grapes) and 1 human specimen. You will also find 31 different types of textures and shaders and 120 texture maps. The resource pack also includes 1 terrain, 1 rock, 1 rock, 1 wall, 4 wood, 2 metal, 1 gold, 1 cloth, 3 windows, 4 painted wood pieces, 1 rope. , 1 palm tree, 1 set of tiles, 1 water, 1 rugs, 1 linen, 1 wicker basket, 3 clay and soil, 2 colored stones.

All of these resources are stored in separate .blend files with their resource manager, making them easy to use in this and other projects. All geometry nodes are configured and can be used in projects other than commercial use.

The Russian audio track is in a separate folder.
– For those who do not need the Russian language, simply uncheck the box next to the RU_AI folder when downloading.
– Whoever still needs Russian simply downloads the distribution and copies the audio tracks into the appropriate folders so that the player can pick it up automatically. It copies, and does not transfer, in order to continue to be distributed.

Video format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1920×1080, 16:9, 30.000 fps, 2054 kbps
Audio: AAC LC SBR, 44.1 kHz, 62.8 kbps, 2 ch

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