U-he Complete Bundle (VST) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | October 24, 2016



ACE V1.1
Software synthesizer, which aims to deliver the highest quality audio at a very competitive price.




Diva V1.1.1
Virtual-analog synthesizer, oscillators, filters and envelopes that are an exact model of the components, which can be found in prominent monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear.




Filterscape V1.3
Effects processor. Features: 2 multi-mode filter (missing LF / HF, bandpass and notch), 4-band equalizer with the ability to morph and different modes of operation. Synced delay. The modular structure, internal mixing units. Modulation: MIDI, step sequencer, LFO generators, envelope follower.




MFM V2.1
More Feedback Machine has always been synonymous with the ultra-flexible delay effects ranging from simple effects to the strange rhythm of destruction. In the early days of MFM1 it was far ahead of its time. MFM2 tradition continues and expands its capacity for the future. MFM idea is to give the musician as much control over the individual delay lines 4, allowing them to interact, and offering easy ways to modulate the delay parameters in real time.





Uhbik V1.2
A quality set of standard effects. Includes GrainDad, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo & Pan, Frequency Shifter, Ambience & Reverb, Multitap Delay, Equalizer, Runciter. This kit is suitable for both information and for mastering.




Zebra V2.5.4
Powerful modular synthesizer that combines different types of synthesis, a powerful modulation mechanisms. With this tool, you can create any waveform that you like, use it extensive set of spectral effects, or to pass through the existing filters. The possibilities are virtually limitless, it’s like a playground, only for sound engineers. Computer Music Magazine in 2011 nominated 10 best VST-synth, of which 2 Zebra took honorable first place!


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