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Publisher: Toontrack
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Sweden is one of the largest music exporters in the world. How a country with a population of about ten million managed to become a cog in the international hit community remains a bit of a mystery. However, the fact remains that from ABBA’s heyday until today, Sweden – and especially Stockholm – has churned out songwriters, performers and hits in every genre imaginable, almost like an assembly line. Whatever the reason, with this collection of sounds we decided to bring some of that mojo straight to your desktop.
This SDX for Superior Drummer 3 was recorded in Riksmixningsverket (RMV Studio). Housed in a 150-year-old naval warehouse and beautifully located right on the water at the mouth of the river, this is one of the true gems of Stockholm’s central studio. With rustic ceiling beams breaking up the diffuse, reflective surfaces of multiple types of materials, and a soft wood floor that acts as a shock-absorbing membrane in the relatively large, yet compact-sounding studio room, the space is ideal for bringing out its inherent qualities. any acoustic instrument. A total of five sets were recorded, each chosen to complement the others and fulfill their role in what the team set out to capture: a unique palette of beautifully singing drums that ran the gamut from warm, earthy and sincere. from sparse to bright, loud and energetic.
In addition to the drums, the package includes a basic set of grooves performed by sampling drummer Josefina Forsman (of Swedish band Sahara Hotnights fame), as well as a wide selection of presets developed by session engineer Lynn Fijal, as well as the Tooontrack sound design team. has provided. All of this combined will allow you to instantly start working with great-sounding drum beats and mixes that you can use as a springboard to journey into your own unexplored sonic spaces.
From one of the world’s most popular metropolises straight to your desktop, here’s an SDX that makes a compelling point that there is absolutely nothing standard about Stockholm. Welcome to the studio. Sit down at the console… and start mixing
Please note: This product requires Superior Drummer 3.

Additional Information :
Midi folder inside.

1) Copy the STOCKHOLM SDX folder to the folder where the Superior Drummer library is located
2) Copy the folder with midi 00008706@STOCKHOLM to the folder where all the other midi are located
3) In the program settings, specify the path to the library
4) Enjoy

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