The Unfinished – DIVA Phenom Bundle (SYNTH PRESET)

By | July 13, 2021


Publisher: The Unfinished
Website: The Unfinished
Format: SYNTH PRESET DIVA 1.4.1+

Description: Diva Phenom Bundle is a collection of 300 patches for the Diva synthesizer, consisting of Diva Phenom Vol 1 and Diva Phenom Vol 2.
This soundset captures the spirit of the stunning Stranger Things soundtrack by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. It is full of warmth and nostalgia from the 1980s.
Using the amazing sound of the Diva analog emulation, Phenom produces a palette full of adventure, wonder and fear: Steven Spielberg meets John Carpenter.
Phenom delivers a heady mix of classic, analog synthetic tones – simplicity, drift and lo-fi charm. You’ll find loads of silky pads, crunchy leads, dark bass, sinister soundscapes, and character sequences. There is no overly lush reverb or very bold unison here; just beautiful, uncomplicated, thoughtful ideas.
While the main influences on Phenom are Stranger Things, there are also influences from Cliff Martinez, Goblin, Vangelis and Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow. Phenom is also useful for ambient and 80s inspired genres such as Synthwave and Vaporwave.

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