The Loop Loft – The Art of Brushes Vol.4 (WAV)

By | May 23, 2023


Publisher: The Loop Loft
Website: Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit | 48 kHz | stereo

Description :
Art of Brushes Vol.4 is the collection you have been looking for. Comprising 6 unique sessions, this library covers a wide range of grooves and styles with the organic feel and sound that only live brushed drums can give. Each session contains dozens of groove variations, fills and transitions, allowing you to easily create unique drum tracks in seconds. We’ve also carefully selected the brushes on each drum and cymbal to give you incredible flexibility in layering and creating your own grooves.

Content :
Number of loops: 211
Number of Samples: 109

Additional Information :
The brush loop and sample collection you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Introducing The Art of Brushes Volume 4 – The warmest, most expansive brush library ever produced.
To capture a wide and dynamic sonic palette, we utilized a host of classic snare drums in 6 different recording sessions. Vintage Slingerlands, chrome Ludwigs and maple Gretsch snares were just a few of the drums used to produce this in-depth collection of brush loops and samples.
Each session contains dozens of groove variations, fills, and transitions, allowing you to easily build a custom drum track in seconds. We also meticulously sampled the brushes on every drum and cymbal, giving you incredible flexibility for layering and designing your own brush-based grooves.

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