Tapspace – Virtual Drumline 2.5.5 (KONTAKT)

By | November 6, 2023


developer :tapespace
website: www.tapspace.com
quality24 bits 44100 kHz

Description:Virtual Drumline™ is a huge collection of orchestral drums, instruments programmed with virtually any articulation and playing method imaginable.
Virtual Drumline is not just about marching drums. Its huge collection of orchestral, world, effect, drumset, rhythm section, and drumline instruments are programmed with virtually any articulations and playing techniques imaginable. Enhanced multi-sampled velocity layers, attack/release and EQ control, multiple mallet selections, rolls, glissandi, solos and ensembles, and automatic RH/LH alternations are but a few of the powerful features programmed into the VDL instrument collection

New Features :
New instruments added:
Bassline 10-Drums (Auto RL) (MW KS)
Bassline 10-Drums Manual (MW KS)
4 Snare Drums (Auto RL)
4 Snare Drums Manual
2 Concert Bass Drums
Bowed Crotales
Piccolo Snare
Rope Drum
Tambourine Orch Bright
Tambourine Orch Dark
SusCyms All (MW)
Concert Toms now allow you to play on the rims of the drums (sticks and mallets) as well as performing press rolls (sticks only).

New features:
Library format has been updated to Kontakt 4 (or greater) to make full use of faster load times, better memory management, and increased polyphony performance.
More convenient installation. Registered users of VDL 2.5 may now choose to do a fresh install from the 2.5.5 library updater which bypasses the need to download outdated library installers. New installation method simply requires dragging the library to your computer, then launching Kontakt, and adding the library to it using its simple “Add Library” feature.
Timpani rolls now perform with more natural roll speed fluctuations from pitch to pitch.
Enhanced control over pitch bend in timpani instruments. Each timpani instrument is now capable of bending pitch up to a perfect fourth (up or down) from the root pitch via the standard wheel pitch.

The Drumset Manual (KS) and Drumset AutoRL (KS) instruments now allow the closed hi hat sounds to gradually open and close by using the mod-wheel. This mimics the functionality of the Hi Hat (MW) instrument and gives a much finer control over the detailing of hi hat nuance.
Cymbal Line All (MW) instrument now has a mod-wheel monitor field so you can monitor which size cymbals are currently active.
Updated/Improved documentation. VDL 2.5 User Guide now contains all keymaps for instruments added in previous library updates (including 2.5.5) as well as missing keymaps from the initial 2.5 release.

Documentation is available by clicking the “Info” button in the VDL library browser pane. This includes the full VDL User Guide, VDL Release Notes, Getting Started Guide, and License Agreement. Helpful web links are also available from this button as well as a “Library Version” checker.
Dozens of smaller bug fixes.

Installation: added to the add library bookmarks

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