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Realitone – Realivox Ladies 2.1 (KONTAKT)

By | September 24, 2016

Realitone has released Realivox Ladies 2.0 – a major update to their female virtual vocalist sample library for Kontakt. Realitone says that the updated Realivox Ladies is designed to be aΒ vocal sample library, that you can play on your keyboard, that sounds smooth and real.Β  Five individual vocalists: By Cheryl – Air and charming – perfect for easy… Read More »

Realitone – Realivox Teresa (KONTAKT)

By | September 21, 2016

For people who only need the opera soprano diva vocalist from Realivox Ladies, Realivox Teresa is available as a separate singer. She sings whatever melody the user plays, with 60 articulations to choose from, all including true sampled legato. Teresa can sing solo, or in our Ensemble mode, she can sounds an ensemble of classical sopranos.