Strezov Sampling – Storm Choir Ultimate (KONTAKT)

By | May 27, 2021


Year of issue: 2020
Publisher: Strezov Sampling
Website: Strezov Sampling
Version: 5.7.1 Player & Full +
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Our most popular product just got more exquisite! Chamber choir of 20, recorded with three microphone positions at the Sofia Studio in Sofia (in the same hall where we recorded our Afflatus and Next Gen choral series). All-new recordings ported to the powerful Syllabuilder engine, giving you the greatest possible control over syllables, morphing, new word creation and polyphonic true legato. Why Storm Choir? It was inevitable that after the success of our Next Gen choir series (Wotan, Freyja, Arva, Rhodope 2), we had to update Storm Choir (our most popular choir library) to match our rest of our choir libraries and have the same functionality. So we re-recorded everything, but this time with slightly larger ensembles – 10 singers per section (male / female) for syllables and 6 singers per section for legato. Again, we remembered the same idea – singing with exaggerated vibrato, loud and generally very loud. We have rewritten all 24 Storm Choir 2 syllables in three dynamic layers controlled by the Modwheel wheel (CC # 1). THE PERFORMANCE PATCH – EPIC SOUNDING RESULTS WITHIN SECONDS! Something the original Storm Choir excelled at was the availability and getting epic sounding choral strings in seconds. For Storm Choir Ultimate, we took the original concept and extended it with the Performance patch. This patch allows you to perform your choir parts on the fly thanks to custom editing of the recordings to make them as playable as possible while maintaining their natural and unprocessed tone. Choose between different views of the male and female section to further enhance the playability and tailor the result to the needs of your track. We created this patch so it allows you to choose between performing a choir pre-arranged in octaves, divided into separate sections, or allowing for natural overlapping ranges. Our Velocity Dynamic Influencer lets you control the volume of individual notes of chords by velocity, making it easier than ever to pick out specific notes within a chord, while Modwheel CC1 still controls the transition between natural dynamic layers. The combination of both greatly enhances the expression you can get from regular keyboard performance.
Patch List:

Chamber choir with 20 parts (Syllabuilder patches), chamber choir with 12 parts (legato)
Slavic Molto Vibrato tone, unrivaled dynamics and performance
Three microphone positions (Close, Decca and Hall) – recorded at Sofia Studio Sofia
True Polyphonic Legato Samples for Women and Men
24 different syllables available through an intuitive phrase
Recorded with near mic ribbon system (Coles x3 and Royer x2) for darker sound, Neumann M150 for Decca wood, DPA4006 for wide outriggers


When it comes to virtual choirs, there are two main approaches: Phrasebulding (legacy Storm Choir series) and Wordbuilding (legacy Rhodope series). Storm Choir Ultimate combines the simplicity and example of phrase building with advanced word building editing features like our Next Gen choir libraries. This allows you to get amazing sounding results in a few seconds, and create and create new content samples with just a few clicks (combine several syllables together, save them as presets, switch between vowels, combine staccato and maintain together, etc.). ).
All patterns have their own natural attacks. However, if you want to tighten them up, the Syllabuilder Engine allows you to set individual attack, release, volume and offset values ​​for each field independently. Something completely new and heavily overlooked in all phraseology chorus libraries.
You can also create complete choir patterns in the GUI, or connect different syllables and modify them to add movement to your choir arrangements. Save and load complete lyric presets to quickly immerse yourself in real-world composition or improve tuning with predefined quick words.
As with our other libraries, Storm Choir Ultimate also has real legato patches that can be played polyphonically without problems and without complicated additional requirements – you just play the music that is in your head and you don’t have to worry about anything else. In addition, our Syllabuilder engine has Agile legato, which gives you the ability to cut off the initial consonants of syllables and execute them as legato, again polyphonically. Our intelligent voice prompts let you write polyphony in just one patch. In other words: play a chord with your left hand, play a melody with your right hand, and all this will be associated with legato transitions. This powerful feature is controlled by the most common of all MIDI controllers, the sustain pedal.
After we released Storm Choir 2, many of our users asked for Key Performers to be available as Solo Patches – which is why we selected the ones with the most unique Voices and included them in our library – 8 Soloists in total with a limited number of syllables (12 instead of 24) that you can use on your own or as a library “overlay” – think of it as a “first chair” library for singers.
The library also has a dedicated FX section that features whispers (in two speakers – soft whispers and “theatrical” whispers), shouts, clusters (multiple dynamics, ranges and vowels), and traditional risers and falls. Whispers and shouts are included in the Syllabuilder patch, which gives you the ability to jump between syllables, connect them and create new words, patterns and effects really quickly.
In the past, we were often asked if our choirs could create the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. As huge fans of the series, the original score has inspired us to build choral libraries in the past, and it’s the same with that. So we decided to include the midi chorus files for the Prophecy movie mockup from The Fellowship of the Ring. The presets are included in the loading of the library.

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