Stormwave – The Hand Tank Drum (KONTAKT)

By | August 25, 2023


Publisher: Stormwave
Website: stormwave-audio
Format: KONTAKT 5+
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description : Hand Tank Drum is the first Kontakt library from Stormwave Audio, featuring a unique acoustic tuned percussion instrument with an otherworldly tone!
Steel drums (also called hanging drums) are wonderful musical instruments that have gained their popularity among soundtrack producers, alternative and street musicians due to their unique, captivating tone. They are also excellent instruments for meditation and relaxation due to their pleasant, natural resonance and mesmerizing, captivating timbre.
The drum used in the creation of this library is one of a kind, custom made by a Polish artisan using an old propane tank to give it its characteristic, slightly dissonant sound and strange tuning (D-E-F-A-C-E-F).
We tirelessly played an instrument with different articulations and dynamics so that you can use the full range of instruments in your projects. Each note was carefully written down with varying force, using fingers and soft mallets.

The natural tone was recorded using two aspects:
– The detail and percussion properties of the top of the instrument were captured in stereo using a pair of Neumann KM184 condenser microphones.
– Fullness and low bottom vibrations were recorded using a Shure SM56 dynamic microphone.

Content :
– Single Native Instrument Kontakt patch (.nki file).
– Extended range C4-G5
– 768 samples recorded at 24bit/48kHz.
– 4 velocity layers.
– 3 random, no-repeat round robin variation for every sample.
– 4 articulations covering mallet and finger playing, as well as semi-muted style for more precise tone, or open style for a natural, dissonant timbre.
– Keyswitch for a fast and handy articulation change during the performance.
– 2 microphone perspectives – top and bottom – with separate volume controls.
– Effects section including delay, chorus, reverb, and rotary speaker/vibrato simulation.
– Attack and Release envelope controls for further sound shaping possibilities.
– Requires full version of Kontakt 5, free Kontakt Player is not supported.

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