Spitfire Audio – Joshua Meltzer Serendipity (KONTAKT)

By | February 8, 2024


Publisher: Spitfire Audio
Website: Spitfire Audio
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
System requirements: KONTAKT PLAYER or FULL (version 6.7.0 or higher).

Description: A unique tool for introducing randomness
Harness the magic of unpredictability in music creation. Serendipity is your instant inspiration, a more spontaneous form of orchestration – a journey beyond the routine into uncharted sonic territory.

Additional Information :
Joshua Meltzer’s Pianobook library offers a multi-instrument step sequencing tool, unlocking diverse styles and featuring 40 instruments ranging from Autoharp to Music Box, Kalimba to Pedal Steel Guitar. In his words, “Serendipity holds a special place in my heart,” capturing those delightful accidents that lead to something beautiful.

New realms of creativity
Inside Serendipity, the product is a gateway to new realms of creativity. Featuring an array of over 40 instruments, ranging from the Autoharp to the Kalimba, Music Boxes to Pedal Steel Guitar, and many more. It’s a treasure trove of diverse and organic musical sources.

Diverse elements
What makes this sample library truly extraordinary is its ability to cross-pollinate diverse elements, forging a hybrid of sounds that defies conventional boundaries. With it, you can explore uncharted sonic landscapes and craft music that’s unique to you.

The concept
I wanted to create a tool for instant inspiration. A way to embrace randomness, and jolt ourselves out of our normal process and routines. The original idea was every time you hit a key, a different instrument would play, but you can also control how random it will be! I recorded over 40 instruments myself, in my home studio.

Mac system requirements :
~ Mac OS X 10.15 to OS 12
~ Minimum Intel Quad Core i5
~ 4GB RAM or higher
PC system requirements
~Windows 10
~ Minimum Quad Core CPU
~ 4GB RAM or higher
File size
~4.77 GB download size
Contact player
~ Minimum version Kontakt Player 6.0.0

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